Frostborn 0.5 b245 Apk + MOD (Unlocked/Free Craft) for Android – Is Here!


Frostborn mod

Immerse yourself in a real role-playing game, full of dynamic and exciting adventures. Become a great viking and write your name in the history of ancient Scandinavia in the world of Frostborn!

Winterborn This is a new cooperative role-playing game in which everyone will find many ways to have fun, for example, invite three more friends to play in cooperative mode or team up with other players in a clan to jointly build a base, attack enemies and much more!

At the base you will be able to store resources and properties, as well as play defense against attacks from enemies and clans of enemies. To do this, you will need strong thick walls, various traps and some tricks. Do not allow strangers to invade your territory! .. Or hack other people's bases and commit slaughter!

Moreover, Frostborn has a wide range of weapons and artifacts, each of which serves an assigned task with different levels of bounce. Even if you tend to change weapons, such as socks, throughout the game, it takes time to decide which ax or club is more interesting to accumulate corpses!

Game features:
* Realistic graphics
* Co-op mode for up to 4 players
* PvP and PvE modes
* Create or join a clan
* Create a collective base
* Huge game world
* Many locations and dungeons
* A wide range of weapons
* Rich craft system
* Craft in-game transport
* A fascinating world in the setting of ancient Scandinavia
* Atmospheric sound design

Frostborn is distinguished not only by outstanding graphics, but also by an extremely picturesque world – Ingard, an emerald earth, studded with lakes and inhabiting various animals. Still, the breathtaking landscapes of Ingard are far from hospitality – now these lands are flooded with hordes of the living dead!

As soon as these creatures entered the world of the living through the gates opened by Hella, the goddess of death. She took revenge on Odin, the ruler of the Iceborne, for sending her to the underworld – Helheim. Unable to leave the world of the living and go to Helheim, the undead enter Ingard through gaps between the world of gods and the world of people.

Few Viking survivors have gathered all their strength and courage to drive the evil out of Inghard and return the mercy of Thor and Odin – this is where your epic quest in Iceborn begins! The battle will be hard, worthy of true Norse warriors!

Note that in Frostborn you can choose the game pace that suits you best: slowly pick up basic items for crafting, arrange plants, fireplaces and sofas or jump onto the carriage (in-game transport) and go to the outside world to plunge into the hunt for wild animals, Kill the undead and fight with other players.

Discover all the game locations that include: the dangerous underground sanctuaries of Thor and Odin, the Damned Forests, Sacred Trees and the Winter Gate are the only access to the northern lands where frost giants are believed to live. But be careful – apart from the obvious dangers hidden in the lands of Inghard, you can also face other brave players …

Frostborn is a beautiful, serious, relatively complex and modern game with excellent mechanics and an interesting plot. Solve all the secrets, defeat Hel and save the Ingard! BECOME A WARRIOR, A WONDERFUL HALL ONE!

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