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Zombie Survival: The Game Of The Dead



Zombie Survival: The Game Of The Dead

Welcome to the zombie fighting game!

The story of shooting scary zombie games with shooting real zombies takes place in the 2030s, when an invasion of surviving zombies lands in the US. While the city of New York was noisy, the sky suddenly became dark, the earth began to tremble, people ran and crushed each other. There was a tragedy, and the corpses of zombies began to appear behind the walls and buildings. The mall was, of course, an ignored zombie spot. They come with more and more people, and all people bite and turn into zombies. There is only one survivor named D-Man.

D-man began to plan to kill ghosts, kill zombies with weapons, saving the city from disaster. With a pistol he took from the police department, the guy sank into the ruins of the city and fought alone. In the free game "Kill Zombies" you will play a killer of zombies and save a wonderful New York.

Contextual zombie survival games are taking place for many zombie shooters. There are four different directions:

2. STREET Walking

Overcoming levels in survival games in zombies is a very difficult task, with an increase in the number of street zombie fighters. You have to fight with zombies, collect gold and ruby ​​to improve weapons. While missions in games to shoot zombies are becoming increasingly difficult, I’m sure that you will help D-Man play a zombie survival shooter and become a hero.

Play Zombie Shooters with D-MAN:
– In each scene of ghost shooting games there are 16 levels of difficulty, and the types of zombies are more diverse and more complex.
– Earn gold and ruby ​​after shooting ghosts, completing weapon upgrades
– Control your shotgun by snapping your finger
– Play the zombie and zombie street fight as real
– The design of the game is meticulous, thoughtful.
– FREE to install zombie shooting war and ghost shooter

Let download kill zombie games to have an amazing experience!

War games about zombies are the work of the One Pixel team. We are very happy to receive comments from the players and give a 5 * rating for zombie survival games to support us. Thank!


Welcome to Zombie Survival, we have updated the version with a lot of entertainment. Come enjoy!

Zombie Survival: Game of Dead Apk

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