How to fix a WiFi connection, but there are no problems with Internet access 2019 – Is Here!

Do you encounter? WiFi is connected but no internet access. problem? You searched a lot on the Internet, but did not find a solution? Do not worry, I have compiled a large list of fixes for you.

Wi-Fi is connected but no internet access.

Currently, the number of smartphones and computers is increasing with an internet connection. Increase the number of available web appliances also increased the number of problems.

Connected to WIFI but Internet does not work This is one of those problems. This guide will teach you to solve no internet access problem on android and pc.

11 is possible WITHAuses of WIf I withonnected ATUtah Nabout Ithis is the internet access problem.

  • Ethernet cable is not connected.
  • Antivirus conflict.
  • Proxy issue enabled.
  • The problem with the network adapter.
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) problem.
  • 802.11 b / g / n conflict.
  • compatibility with wireless channels.
  • Outdated network adapter driver.
  • Increased trash volume.
  • Random glitch.
  • IP Address Restriction.

NOTE: This guide is intended for PC and Android users. No problem with Windows or Android version. This guide will work on any version for Android or Windows.

The steps will be similar to all versions of Windows and Android. However, several steps may differ, but the case will be the same. Read this guide carefully and solve your problem.

Simple solutions for wifi connected, but no internet access on android and pc.

The following are some simple ways to troubleshoot Internet connection problems. Just follow all steps with care, and everything is ready.