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Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG – an action role created in classical oriental style, with one difference, the developers, and this is none other than the NHN studio, decided besides ordinary characters, magicians and knights, to increase the ability to play as a high-tech robot. What happened?
Immediately the gameplay itself has not undergone any real changes, you still have to walk through dungeons, collect loot, swing characters develop their unique abilities, hang them with armor and weapons, destroy hundreds of enemies with only one difference now that you have not only magic and cool weapons, but also serious weapons that will help you a lot in destroying big bosses. Visually, the game is designed with the same role playing style, sea of ​​fire, magical waves, and blood. And after going through one company, you can't throw a game, because you can take part in multi-player battles in format 5 with 5.