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You are looking for best gba emulator for Android phones? If yes, then you are at the right place. Android has grown a lot over the past decade. Why not? Since Android is open source, it is filled with many applications, games, and developers.

Every day many applications and games are released for him. So for those who once played the Game Boy Advance and is absent now.

If you cannot overcome the gaming fever of the console and want the console to be in your smartphone, then you will be happy to know that you can now play gba on androidIn this market, if you still love classic game styles, you are in the right place to devote your precious time.

GAME BOY is a portable console that made this beautiful wish true. This means that now a game lover may have leading and unusual consoles in the pockets. I also shared these Nintendo DS emulators.

10 best GBA emulators for Android phones

There are many options available in the market. But we only list some of the best and proven ones. This list of top GBA emulators includes both free and paid of them. So, without losing more time, let's right now. We recently shared XBox one emulators for free.

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1. Emubox (free)

One of the latest emulators available in market with the most amazing option that it is free without in-app purchases. This application includes Nintendo DS, PlayStation, SNES, Gameboy and Game Boy Advanced.

The best thing to remember about it emulator in that it has hardware controller support. Some additions also include cheat support, saving and loading statistics.

Must check:

2. John GBA (paid)

What you can think about getting in the application after payment $ 2-3 this is completely worked out. This is one of the best advanced Gameboy emulators.

The best part is the lack of advertising, it works completely offline and supports most games now, features that you should pay attention to:

  • Screen controls
  • Simple and fast search for games
  • Adopting cheat codes to make gameplay more exciting and to control the speed of gameplay.
  • This application is not expensive, but is worth its penny.

3. Retro Arch (free)

When it comes to a free and powerful emulator, a person can only think about RETRO ARCH. This app is complete package because it works in the main system, which means that it can provide most of it. Thus, this makes it easy to play most games in RETRO ARCH.

GameBoy has all the kernels that work with this application. Best of all, he has no advertising at all. The tricky part of this application is that it requires previous knowledge to use this application is easy. This is one of the best GBA emulators for Android phones.

4. MyOld BOY (paid)

This is one of the oldest Game Boy EmulatorsMost functions are the same as other emulators available in
market. It comes with support for cable emulation and easy access to cheat code.

It also has OpenGL rendering. Seems interesting? But if you do not want to spend a single a penny. No need to panic, a free version is also available to try.

5. GBA. emu

This is one of the best. GBA emulator for Android phones There is no need to talk about this emulator, if you heard about its developer Robert Brogil. This is specifically for Gameboy Advanced.

The best things to consider are – BIOS emulation, saves quickly and quickly. It is compatible with most game ROMs and runs smoothly.

6. GBC. emu

GBC.emu was also created by Robert Brogila. It is still one of the best. Gameboy Color Boy emulators It has support for both versions.

Due to the high level of compatibility supports most games. Particular attention should be paid to the interaction with cheat codes, as it supports both the Game Genle and GameShark cheat codes. Cross-platform support with a PC version makes it great.

7. John JBC

The other part No. 2 mentioned in the list JOHN GBA. As from the same developer, he has many of the same functions. New updates are damn wonderful that sets them apart from others. This is one of the best GBA Emulator for Android.

Changes are the turbo buttons, search for games, flash forward and slow modes. It works smoothly offline and avoids unpleasant advertising, providing the best gameplay.

8. Nostalgia. GBC (free)

This is not a very well-known, but dominant name in the GAME BOY emulator market. It has both versions, paid and free. Many of functions like turbo buttons, high compatibility to support most games.

But here begins the curious part: rewind function. The rewind feature allows gamers to rewind gameplay for a few seconds using this feature. This makes the game quite interesting, as it can be easily rewound to the desired segment of the game.

Paid and free versions practically coincide with most functions. The only difference between the version is that the paid version is free of ads and free version has some interfering advertisements. Free users do not need to worry about ads, as they do not appear during the game.


My Boy is one of the most popular and popular GameBoy emulators in the entire market. It has a long list of features. Some great features excellent link cable support (via WiFi or Bluetooth), hardware controller support and other functions that are usually required.

Some advanced features include OpenGL rendering and simple BIOS emulation. He offers everything you can expect. Her list of satisfied and satisfied customers always amazed the emulator development team.


We list this emulator because it is quite famous for its multiplatform support. The classic boy emulator supports multiple platforms, such as the Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy Advanced, PlayStation, NES, Genesis and more. It fulfills all the requirements one would expect from an emulator.

Features include faster statistics saving, faster loading, game speed control and support for various cheat codes. He has two versions, one premium and the other is free. The free version lacks most advanced features. Thus, given that this application will be enjoyable only if the premium version is installed.


Well, this is the top 10 the best GBA emulator for AndroidI hope you enjoyed this post. And if you have any problems with this post, please let us know in the comments section. Your request will be resolved as soon as possible.

In addition, if you have any other suggestions, you can share them with us all in the comments. And do not forget to share it with your friends and family who love to play old games.