So you are looking for FREE USB boot software for PC with Windows. Guess what? You are in the right place! At the moment, almost all desktops and laptops come without an optical drive.

USB boot software

This means that you cannot use optical discs to install Microsoft Windows 10/8/7 on your PC. Instead, you should use bootable USB-drives. Compared with traditional drives, they are much faster and easier to use when installing Windows 10.

But to use this method to install Windows 10, you must first create a bootable USB drive. And for this there is a special software that allows you to easily create a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows 10. I also shared these lightweight Windows browsers.

10 free bootable USB software for Windows 10/8/7

Today we are here with 10 Free USB Bootable Software for Windows 10. Checking them out functions and the options they provide, you can easily choose the right tool for your needs when create bootable flash drives.

to You can download them by their name. This will lead you straight to their corresponding download page.

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1. Rufus

Rufus is one of the most popular and least software to create bootable discs. You can use it to create a boot disk of any version of Windows.

USB boot software

Not only that, but also support for other operating systems, such as Linux and Ubuntu. Although the program is minimal and easy to use, you can find most of the features and options.

In addition, Rufus also has a portable version available for download. This allows the user to Create bootable flash drives without installation. Rufus is also great in terms of performance and quite quickly when it comes to creating a bootable USB drive.

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2. WinToUSB

As the name implies, WinToUSB is an excellent software that allows you to turn a flash disk into a Windows 10 boot disk. Unlike some other programshe has the support of several formats Windows IMG.

USB boot software for free

This means that in addition to supporting ISO files, WinToUSB can be used to create a bootable USB flash drive with a different number of supported image formats.

Speaking of user interface, WinToUSB is quite easy to use. Straight waiting for options. It also allows you to create a bootable USB drive for Windows GO. Windows GO Windows version that runs without installation directly from a USB drive

3. Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is a great alternative to Rufus with minimalistic an approach. This is a program that has a tiny size, but has all the necessary functions and options.

free bootable usb software

In addition to supporting the Windows boot disk, it can also be used for Linux images. Using built Parameters, you can easily select the operating system from which you want to create a bootable USB-drive.

And if you use Universal USB Installer to create a Linux disk, you can add persistent Storage. This storage is used to store user data and settings right on the disk. I also shared these DNS comparison tools.

4. RMPrepUSB

Of all the USB boot programs mentioned in this article, RMPrepUSB most likely has the most functions. This is very customizable tool that can be changed and used according to your requirements.

USB boot software for Windows

In addition, you will also receive support for Multiboot with RMPrepUSB. This function, in fact, allows you to make one bootable USB flash drive for several operating systems simultaneously.

Although this software has many functions, it is not easy to use. Instead, this tool is designed with advanced users are on their mind.

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5. WinSetUpFromUSB

If you need software to create bootable USB drivers for an older version of Windows, winsetupfromusb is a great choice. This is a great alternative to both Rufus and WinToUSB with the provided functions and options,

USB PC boot software

The user interface is also quite simple and easy to navigate. But if you are an experienced user, then you include additional options.

This will lead to further parameters and settings in this tool. In general, WinSetUpFromUSB is a fast and easy-to-use tool for creating bootable flash drives. You may also like these mobile PUBG emulators for Windows.

6. Passcape ISO Burner

The 6th tool in our list of the best bootable USB programs is Passcape ISO Burner. This is software that allows you to create as bootable DVDs as well as USB drives. This means that if you are still using old optical discs with flash drives, then Passcape ISO Burner can be a great choice.

USB boot software for Windows 10

This gives you the opportunity to choose between a DVD or USB drive when creating a boot disk. You can even use it for extract ISO file on local disk operating system. In addition, this software is quite easy in terms of its performance.

7. Engraving

Etcher is free and open a source software that allows you to burn ISO images to USB drives and SD cards. In fact, this is only one of the few tools that properly work with SD cards.

free download software for windows

And, as one would expect, it also works flawlessly with USB drives for installing Windows. He also has one of the best users. interfaces with easy to use options and buttons,

In addition, etcher can be used on all platforms including windows, linux and mac. This means that you can easily create a bootable USB flash drive from any computer.

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8. XBoot

XBoot is another tool that comes with multiboot support. This means that you can have multiple operating systems at the same time. And all these operating systems can be installed on Single USB flash drive together.

USB boot software

Unfortunately, XBoot is now available only in Windows. Thanks to this, Linux and mac. users cannot use XBoot to create bootable USB-drives.

It has a very simple and simple user interface without any interference. You can even download portable version of XBoot, which allows you to use it without installation.

9. WinToBootic

WinToBootic is another free bootable USB software tool for creating bootable USB-drives. It's pretty quick when it comes to creating a bootable flash drive. In addition, it is also portable software, because of which you do not need to install it.

USB boot software

User interface WinToBootic is pretty simple. It is designed for the main users, and you will easily find it. WinToBootic supports almost all versions of Microsoft Windows.

10. Microsoft Media Creation Tool

As the name suggests, this is software from Microsoft designed to create bootable Windows flash drives. Unlike the other tools mentioned in this article, the media Creature The tool from Microsoft does not support other operating systems.

USB boot software

But he can download the Windows ISO file himself. Thereby, Media The Creation Tool always loads the latest version of Windows.

After the download is complete, it will also be written to the USB drive. Since Microsoft is developing it, it has one of the best user interfaces. In terms of its option, it is intended to main users and does not have any additional options and features.

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Well, that was all for 10 free USB boot software for PC with Windows 10/8/7. First, you need a Pendrive with a capacity of at least 16 GB. Also make sure the flash drive is formatted.

Did you find the above tools helpful? Maybe someone else will find them useful. So do not hesitate to share the list in your social networks.