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If you are an Android fan, then I can assure you that once in your life you thought about setting up your device. Because most people download the Nova Launcher and begin to customize it, but do not get this stupid look. So, I made a list of the top 15 New launch themes, presets and icons for Android.

As you already know that Nova Launcher can be downloaded for free. However, to get the most out of this launcher, you need to download an additional theme.

Therefore, to help you, I chose best news for Android phones.

15 best themes for Nova Launcher for Android

Well, below are some of the best icon packs, themes, and arrangements for New Launcher. You do not need to root your Android phone for these theme apps. If you have a rooted phone, check that these 50+ must have root Android apps.

1- Voxel – Flat Style Icon Pack

Voxel is one of the most beautiful, but simple icon sets for Nova Launcher. The theme developers focused on design and made some basic visual changes. this icon set This is the perfect solution for those people who want smartphone app icons to be flat and colorful at the same time.

This theme offers over 3500 192 × 192 high-quality icons and a library of icons. In addition to this, you get an icon request tool and a mask for unmarked icons. There are over 20 desktop wallpaper and a dashboard of material design is included in the app. Even application developers release 1 or 2 updates every month.


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2- Dark Swan – Icon Pack

Cygnus Dark is one of the best themes for launching new ones. The theme not only supports the Nova launcher, but also supports many other launchers, which include Go launcher CM Theme Engine, Atom Launcher, Epic Launcher and so on. I also shared xposed modules for setting up the launcher and the screen.

Speaking of its features, the topic comes with more than 800 iconsIn addition, it offers wallpapers with cloud materials and a tool to query 8 zooper. The icon query tool and Muzei support are also included in the theme.


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3- Rondo – Flat Style Icon Pack

Rondo is another New Launcher Icon Pack available in flat style. The theme is also created for users who need colorful and flat icons. The theme supports various OEM and custom launchers, including the Nova.

With the theme pack, you will receive over 3550 high-quality 192 × 192 icons. You will also receive a library of icons and a query tool, a mask for unlimited icons. Support 20 wallpapers and dashboard material design.


4- Roots Icons

Cornie Icons is also one of the best Nova launcher themes that supports various launchers. The theme comes with more than 5500 handmade vector icons and has an attractive look. The theme also offers 5700+ themed events and has a simple white and dark dock icon.

Even it provides dynamic color icons and over 50 cloud wallpapers. The theme also supports Museums Live Wallpaper and has an icon query tool. Another good thing about the package is that developers regularly release updates. However, the package is not free. But with it, you can create Dope Nova Launcher settings.


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5- Devo Icon Pack

The Devo Icon Pack is designed to bring the home screen to the dark side. The theme is combined with a mixture of dark gray and black color and offers attractive view Speaking of features, the theme has over 2000 icons and 8 HD wallpapers.

There is also an application for the design of materials that will help you find and replace any icon. The theme comes with the Unthemed icons feature and supports dynamic calendar. If you are looking for Nova Launcher dark themes, settings, icon sets, then this is for you.

In addition, you will receive features such as custom launcher, query icon. In addition, the application developer regularly updates it. This is not a free theme, you need to invest. I also shared some ways to increase the internal memory on Android.


6 – Moonshine – Icon Pack

Moonshine – Icon Pack is another free package that offers a nice and clean user interface. There are more than 925 vector icons in the theme. XXX-HDPI 192 × 192Therefore, it easily matches the screen resolution of your device.

Plus, there are 28 homemade wallpapers and comes with support for Muzei wallpapers. In addition to this, you will get a design material. Dashboard Application. The theme pack can be easily integrated with nova, apex, adw and other startup programs. However, for some icons and wallpapers you may need to pay.


7- Polycon – Icon Pack:

The Polycon icon pack comes with a new and new look at the materials design iconography. The theme offers a creative, unique and vibrating icons. Also the application is available for free. Speaking of features, it offers more than 20 high-resolution wallpapers and more than 800 vector icons.

In addition to this, you get custom folder and mailbox icons and CMTE support. Also, the theme has an individual dashboard design and a fiery base. integration. However, the sad part of this topic is that it was discontinued. This means that there will be no updates. But, nevertheless, this is one of the best icon sets for running Nova.


8- Elun – Icon Pack

Elun is one of the best themes for nova launcher for Android phones. However, the topic is not free. It comes with 4.260+ HD icons and is ready for future devices. You will get hundreds of alternative icons to choose from. Even you get several categories of folders to sort your applications.

In addition, it comes with cloud-based 31 HD wallpapers and works with UNICON and XGELS. You can also get support for MUZEI live wallpapers and a dynamic calendar. There is Minimalistic analog clock widget. In addition to all this, it has many other functions, so make sure that you check the application.


9 minutes – Icon Pack

The Min icon pack is designed to be small and offers a decent user interface. The theme pack supports over 1500 icons and supports several launchers. Such as New star, Apex, Action, Smart and others. It also offers over 50 wallpapers and has various options for icons.

Theme developers regularly release updates for the application. It has a dashboard with various functions. In addition, the app is available for free on the Google Play Store. So make sure you look at it.


10- Nimbi – Icon Pack

Nimbbi is a dark, transparent and minimalistic application that offers a ring around the icon. With this theme, you will get many options for your homescreen, and it can be used for various settings. If we talk about the functions, there are icons HD 4.120+, which are ready for future devices.

You can choose an icon from hundreds of alternatives. In addition, it has many categories of folders and 50 QHD cloud wallpapers that can be stored offline.

In addition to this, it has features like MUZEI live wallpapers, dynamic calendar icon, minimalistic analog clock widget and so on. You will receive weekly updates. But this theme comes with a price, it is not free.


11- Gold Badges – Icon Pack

Looking for free themes Nova Launcher, icons, packages, settings? Then this is for you. If you like golden color, then you should try the icon pack of golden icons. The theme changes the color of the icon to golden and offers a decent look.

Speaking of features, well it comes with 5120 characters and cloud wallpapers. In addition, the application has a toolbar that comes with an icon query tool. Theme supports over 21,750 applications and has a dynamic calendar. Even you will get the support of Muzei, and the app gets frequent updates.


12- TwoPixel Dark – Icon Pack

TwoPixel Dark is a simple and intuitive set of icons that comes with a decent user interface. In the subject more than 2500+ icons and 30 wallpapers QHD. Wallpapers are compatible with the live wallpaper of the Museum.

It also has sorting icons by category and a tool for querying icons. It supports dynamic calendars, Google Calendar, Stock Calendar and so on. However, this topic is not free.


13- Glim Dark – free icon set

Bright dark icons offer soft shadow and bright colors. The icons are designed with lots of detail and have a simple look. Speaking of features, it comes with many great HQ icons with one theme and dynamic calendar support, Dock support.

In addition, a search function is built into the icon section and there is an intelligent icon query tool. You will also receive high-quality cloud wallpapers and support for Muzei.


14- ALOS – Icon Pack

Alos is a simple and straightforward theme that offers flat icons using standard colors. The theme is designed to have an appearance. Speaking of his capabilities 4260+ HD icons and comes with many folder category icons for sorting your apps.

In total, the application 31 HD-wallpaper. The application works with UNICON and XGELS and supports Full MUZEI live wallpapers and a dynamic calendar icon.



The last in the list of the best themes Nova Launcher, sets of icons, settings, we have Darkmatter. The theme comes with 3100+ icons and 30 wallpapers. QHD. Wallpapers are compatible with the live wallpaper of the Museum. You can also sort icons by category.

You can also request the missing icons, and it has support for dynamic calendars, Google Calendar, Today Calendar and so on.


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Well it's 15 best new launch themes, presets and icons for Android. Some of the above theme packs come with price tags, and some of them are available for free.

So make sure you check all the plugins and see which one works best for you. If you have any questions, you can ask them through the comments below.