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The most powerful and fastest content blocker used by over a million people on iOS and Mac. The main application for those who use Safari.

Unlike other AdBlock applications, we cannot see which sites you visit and track you. This is because 1Blocker is a built-in Safari content blocker, not a shadow VPN server. We are fully supported by our users, there is no "acceptable advertising" program.


1Blocker was introduced to The New York Times, TechCrunch and many others.

• “1Blocker is enough for me to stop thinking about blockers”, – John Gruber, Daring Fireball.
• “Moved from Ghostery to 1Blocker for MacOS Safari, which uses the new fast API to block content, and it seems that it is noticeably faster”, – Marco Arment.
• “It does exactly what you want, and customer support is fantastic. An ad blocker is highly recommended. "


– Block annoying ads (adblock) –
Advertising has become a complete catastrophe on websites, disrupting viewing. Nobody likes to see ads that appear on the whole screen.

– Save battery, data and time –
The independent tests of Wirecutter, NY Times and BrooksReview confirm that 1Blocker reduces the data downloaded by sites by an average of more than 50%.

– Protect yourself online –
Many corporations track your behavior and which sites you visit. Internet advertising is insecure and may contain malware even on large sites such as Forbes and Yahoo.

– Increase your productivity –
In addition to advertising, web pages often contain distracting elements (for example, “You may like it” and subscription fields) that disrupt your workflow and productivity.


1Blocker comes with almost 50,000 built-in blocking rules. It is very customizable.

• Block ads, trackers and other troubles. Make the viewing more than 2 times faster.
• Tap to hide any annoying content using our visual editor.
• Support sites you like by whitelisting them.
• Create your own blocking rules (hiding items, blocking sites and cookies).
• All your settings are synchronized via iCloud.

1Blocker is also available for iOS on the App Store.

How much 1BLOCKER better than others

We believe that 1Blocker is better than anything else. That's why:

• We do not make deals with advertisers.
• We cannot and technically cannot track our users.
• We have no customer data for sale.
• We are in the initial stage and self-financing. No investors. Made by a tiny team of two people.


While most other adblock applications block content by filtering elements of an already loaded page, 1Blocker uses Safari’s built-in content blocking technology (API) to tell Safari in advance what should be blocked. This greatly improves efficiency, does not slow down Safari and saves battery power.


Send your review to @ 1BlockerApp on Twitter or by email [email protected]

Our mission is to provide you with all the tools to make Safari browser fast, safe and productive for you.

Happy Safari viewing, friend! You will enjoy web surfing again.