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Are you one of these anime fans who wants to watch anime episodes without getting a lot of advertising? Or do you want to watch your favorite shows online? Well, if so, you should check our list of the best. anime streaming sites watch anime online. There is no doubt that people are crazy about anime series.

However, when it comes to getting a reliable source for watching an anime show, it becomes painful and difficult to find. There are so many sites available on the Internet that offer anime series,

However, most of them are filled with advertising. Or videos are available in Japanese audio. So how can you watch anime videos? Your answer here in this article. Below you get the top 20 anime sites for free.

20 best anime streaming sites to view anime online

Well, as you read later in this article, I will talk about the top 20 streaming anime sites for watching anime online. Visiting these anime streaming sites, you can watch anime movies without ads or with fewer ads. So are you excited to read the names? I recently shared Spotify Premium for Android.

Read on and I will guide you through all the best streaming anime sites. So let's just dive into the subject without losing time. You may also like the best streaming music sites. I also shared the best laptops with a budget of $ 1,000.

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# 1- Hulu.com:

Hulu Anime is one of the best websites when it comes to streaming anime videos online. Hulu doesn't just have a large collection. Anime moviesIn addition to anime films, there are films, TV shows, as well as original Hulu shows. Just in case, if you are looking for a solution for anime shows, as well as some additional materials.

Then you should consider visiting the Hulu website. But the site is not free; You have to pay a few dollars to access the show. However, the monthly subscription The price is quite affordable and comes with a 30-day free trial. That way you can check out the service before you buy any plan. I also shared the VLC player alternatives.

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# 2- AnimeFreak.tv:

Next we have an anime freak. This is also one of best anime sites for streaming video. The advantage of this site is that it is absolutely free. As the name suggests, this site is made for anime fans like you. It is quite popular in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, India and Japan.

However, you will see some ads. In addition to advertising, the site has more than 10,000 episodes of various anime shows. So just in case, if you are looking for free solutions, do not forget to check out this site. You can enter the site URL in a browser and enter the site.

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# 3- Kissanime.to:

Kissanime is another free solution for anime sitesThis is also one of the popular sites that exist on the Internet. On this site you get high-quality anime videos, as well as mega-series, cartoons and so on. Even you can broadcast videos in different formats. Such as 240p, 720p and 1080p.

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# 4- AnimeStreams.tv:

Anime Crazy is also one of the best solutions for free anime videos. On this site you can watch quite a lot of different anime movies. Has top anime series like naruto, miracle momo and so on. Some shows are dubbed in English, even if you find subtitles. Also available are several videos for download.

# 5- Manga-Anime-Here.com:

Manga Anime here is one of best streaming anime sites Stream the latest and most popular anime series. The user interface is simple. You will not find too much advertising. The site is free, but it seems like a premium site. Everything on the site is well organized. You must check this site.

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# 6- Netflix.com:

Whenever it comes to streaming shows on the Internet, we often hear the name Netflix. Netflix is ​​one of the most popular online streaming platformsHowever, this is not free, but if you buy a data plan, it will be a worthy decision. There are quite a few original shows, as well as television shows. You will also receive a series of anime.

When watching anime videos, you can even switch between Japanese audio and English audio. Even you will receive subtitles So if you want a reliable platform to view anime video. Then you should consider this. Netflix is ​​best known on this list of streaming anime sites.

# 7- Crunchyroll.com:

Next we have a crunchyroll. Well, Crunchyroll is one of the websites that has more than 20,000 episodes of various anime series. You also get to live action titles and korean dramas on this site. The site is completely legal. You can use this site to watch anime online for free.

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# 8- GoGOAnime.io:

GO GO Anime is the most extensive in the world. free anime websiteIt has an extensive database filled with anime episodes, cartoons, films and the latest Korean-Japanese dramas. You can watch english anime on this site. If your favorite TV shows or shows are not available on other portals, you can check out GOGOAnime.

The videos available on these sites are dubbed in English. To facilitate access to the site there is an application for Android. You can download the app from Google Play. GO GO Anime is a good streaming anime service. You might also like cool Instagram signatures.

# 9- Funimation.com:

Funimation is known for having one of the most significant collections of all anime genres. It is one of the largest streaming anime sites in North America. it absolutely free Platform. Just create an account on the site, and you're done. Funimation provides all the best anime shows in different languages ​​with subtitles.

# 10- ChiaAnime.tv:

If you are searching for free anime streaming sitesYou can also consider Chia Anime. It has high-quality video and offers an excellent anime viewing experience. It also gets quick updates, and you can download episodes in the mp4 file format. The site is filled with all the popular anime series, mega-series and Asian dramas.

# 11- SideReel.com:

Ok if you're looking concrete anime series and you will not get anywhere. Then you can use SideReel. It works as a search engine that finds anime for you. Just enter the name of the show, and it will show you the best results. Then click on any link and you will receive an anime series.

# 12- AnimeHeaven.eu:

Moving on to the next title, we chose Anime Heaven as the next sentence. The website is completely free in this list of streaming anime sites. You will get all popular anime seriesCartoons are here. This is a real paradise for anime fans like you.

You will also receive current TV shows and movies. It allows users to upload videos in different video quality. So if you are looking for a site where you can download video and streaming them, then Anime Heaven is the best option. This is a real paradise for anime lovers like you. So delve into this paradise by typing the URL in your browser.

# 13- WatchAnime.co:

Anime Watch is a great source for English humor anime series. You can broadcast videos for free. The video quality is quite exceptional. They have a huge database filled with animated series, even the website is well managed. The site is updated regularly with the latest anime shows.

# 14- AnimeNova.org:

Anime Nova is the best place to get anime, anime movies and Korean dramas. These are daily issues of anime shows, cartoons and movies. The site also has dubbed anime version. Available videos are of high quality. You may see some ads, but the ads are not annoying. You will get a good browsing experience.

# 15- Anilinkz.to:

Anilinkz is another great option to watch the full episodes of almost any anime series. It has a huge database, filled with various animated series. Videos have high qualityHowever, you will not receive a download button, but you will receive a video in English. So consider this site.

# 16- Narutoget.io:

Narutoget is the largest online home for anime series. There are even anime movies and manga. The site offers the original Naruto Shippuden in English called Naruto, a collection of manga and movies. Narutoget is one of the best duplicate anime sites. Well, I use it most of the time to enjoy its amazing collection of TV shows and shows.

The site offers high quality video, but does not have a download button. However, the site is completely free to use. There are millions of fans of the Naruto series. So if you like the Naruto series, you should check out this site. This is a special site for Naruto fans.

# 17- AnimeUltima.me:

Anime Ultima is also an excellent online site for broadcasting English anime series. The site is completely free. It has everything popular anime series. Separately from anime The series also has famous anime movies. You can watch most of the anime series on this site.

However, the download button is missing, but you get high quality video. These sites do not have much advertising. It does site one of the most preferred. If you are a user who does not want to show ads while watching anime, you should check out this website. In the meantime, you can also block ads using ad blockers.

# 18- Daisuki.net:

Daisuki is also a great site to watch anime online. Videos on these sites are available at quality formatHowever, the site is closed, so it is no longer available. However, you can still visit the site. Who knows if they made the site available while you are reading this article.

Refresh: The site is active again, now you can enjoy your favorite series. The developers worked hard, and as a result Daisuki.net returned with a bang. Just enter the website name in the web browser and enjoy the video.

# 19- MasterAni.me:

Until next we have an anime master. It is also one of the great sites for streaming high quality anime movies. The site is filled with many anime series, and there is a high probability that you will find your favorite anime movie.

However, you cannot upload videos on this site. The site is quite convenient. If you are looking for anime sites like kissanime, then this site is a good alternative. It provides all the anime classics in different formats. You can simply enter the URL in the desired web browser and get free access to thousands of anime shows and movies.

# 20- AnimeSeason.com:

Anime season is one of the trusted anime streaming sites to get full episodes of anime movies and streaming video on the web. The videos available on this site are dubbed in English. Also videos are available in a quality format. The site has a friendly interface.

In addition, website users can vote for popular anime series, and the most popular polls are displayed on the website. You even get a popular anime series on this site. Some of popular anime series Diamond No Ace, Hunter X Hunter and so on are available on these sites. You can use Psiphon if the site is not directly accessible.

Remarks: We cannot give direct links to these anime viewing sites. You can enter the name of any website in the browser and visit it. Another thing is that this list is not compiled in order to better or better to good. So use these sites yourself and find the best one for you.

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Well, that's all for the best streaming anime sites watch anime online list. Some of the websites mentioned above have a paid subscription. However, most of the sites listed above are free to use. But with free sites you will have to deal with too much advertising.

You may have to click on video player twice to play the video. However, some free sites are well managed, so it will interfere with free work. Some sites may not work, as most of the sites listed above are illegal and may be closed at any time. In addition, if you have any questions, do not forget to comment below, I will definitely help you.