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Google is the best way to earn on cost per click (CPC)
Adsense Network, and this is only approved for the blog and the YouTube channel.
So if you have an idea of ​​writing content, and you have completed it through a blog
Want to reach people in the world? So, here is a quick and easy guide for you.
Talked about creating a professional blog in 10 minutes
May have.

However, a free blog can also be created with a subdomain (abc.blogspot.com, abc.wordpress.com), and for this I told you about the best list of free blogging platforms. But this is normal only for a personal blog, if you want to have blogs, income and reputation, then you need to create a professional-looking blog for this and how to create a blog in 2019? The method for which you can monetize from the CPC network is here.

What do you want to create a blog in 2019?

Many people ask Google to make a blog, and they get an answer, and they also make blogs. But, nevertheless, they do not get success in the blog and can not make a profit.

So, first we will learn how to create a blog on a number of popular blogging topics, such as good news, technology, entertainment, fitness, health, cooking, during the 2019 competition.

What kind of blogging topic do?

Blog idea or motivation
Which blog appears when viewing the monthly income statement. In any case, on which
Seeing others as blogging, they think that in this they can be popular and
There is money in this thread.

But perhaps you don’t know that 90% of these bloggers cannot create a blog just by looking at another. That's why if you want to create a blog in 2019 that can generate organic traffic, generate revenue.

To choose the best topic for blogging, use these tips.

  • Everyone likes to do some work, such as watching movies, listening to / writing songs, cooking or eating, walking, playing games, working on a computer, doing business, working, reading a book, playing, or something else. Whatever you like, you choose this topic for your blog. Example. If you like to play games, you can choose a game theme for your blog.
  • The biggest advantage of choosing the topic of your choice is that blogging is not a task for you, and you will not worry about continuing and exploring the topic to write a message.

The most current list of topics for blogging is currently here – if you are interested in any of them, then you have written the name in the comment.

Top 25 Topics for New Blog
Arts and Entertainment
Cars and vehicles
Beauty and Fitness
Books and Literature
Business and Industry
Computers and electronics
Food and Drink
Hobbies and Recreation
A house and a garden
Internet and Telecom
Work and education
Law and government
Online communities
People and Society
The property
the science

Which one did you choose the right domain and blog name?

After the topic we have the second problem that we have a new
Blog name or domain name to choose from?

If you don't know what a domain name means? Get information by clicking

For this we use many types of tools for generating blogs,
Take the offer o. But then no one knows if it’s right or not.
You can choose the right name for your blog to help with these tips.

  • The domain name or blog name should always be short, simple, so you can just listen to it or make it once.
  • Try the main blog keyword in the domain URL.
  • If you are targeting a specific area, an audience of a language, then it should mention this.
  • Do not use any special characters in the domain URL.

An example is If you chose a theme for creating your blog, then the game may have such a domain name. Gmenitrgkcom.

If you have decided on the theme and title of the blog, then you have prepared a blog
Let's see more

2019 How to create a blog?

Keep in mind all the tips mentioned above, so your complete blog plan is ready, you just have to live on the Internet. This step-by-step guide on setting up a blog will be useful for you, and you can create your own blog during WordPress’s World Wide Content Management System (CMS).

[STEP 1] How and how to buy a domain?

A personal website can be created with a free subdomain, but creating a blog based on WordPress CMS requires a special domain name, such as abc.com, abc.net, abc.org, etc. And for this you need to buy a domain this and know how to buy it from him.

Buy from a domain name provider (for example, Godaddy)

To create a blog on WordPress requires hosting and domain, and we sometimes buy a domain elsewhere and hosting from anywhere. In this case, if you even thought you wanted to buy a domain from another domain name provider, such as Godaddy, you can buy it that way.

First, to create an account, go to the website Godaddy or any other official website of the domain name provider, you must have Mail Id, Phone, just create an account.

After creating your account, log in and then click on the tips mentioned above.
By the domain name you were looking for, look for it and .in, .com, .net
As with the extension, select and add to cart

After adding to the cart, select a plan to indicate how many years you plan to buy, and then acquire a domain by paying with a debit card, wallet.

[STEP 2] How and how to buy from hosting?

We can only buy from the domain and hosting, as indicated above.
In STEP 1 we can also buy a separate hosting as a separate domain. India
In India, there are two such providers that are the most best
hosting provider
There is.

  1. ः Ostidager
  2. ः Ostgtor

Buying Hosting Blogs from Hostinger?

A good hosting service is a great requirement for creating a new blog, but
If we are new, we should take care of the budget. In that case, if you budget
WordPress Blog Hosting
So Hostinger is the best for you.

At this time, Rs. From 79 / month to Rs. At 249 / month.
Getting shared WordPress hosting You can take advantage of this offer right now
You can click here and buy Hostinger India,

Buying Hosting Blogs from Hostgator?

WordPress hosting is very famous in India and is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. This is a supposed organization that maintains a new blog, and you can log in with a simple hostgator.in 249 / month. Buy WordPress Hosting

[STEP 3] How to set up a wordpress blog?

We learned that buy a domain to create a new blog,
bought a hosting. Now you need to put these two together and the shape of the blog
To do this, we need to follow the quick guide to setting up a blog again.
We will live on the Internet.

If you buy a hosting and domain from your place, then its direct
WordPress can be configured in cpanel, but if the domain and hosting are available
If it is taken from different suppliers, then there is a need to put these two together.

When you buy hosting, we get two NameServers, whatever it is
Seem to be.



Both of them, you must add the name servers provided by hosting, where you have already bought a domain from which there are already name servers.

After that we need to go to cPanel hosting, and then install the WordPress CMS application.

After installing WordPress, you must open a browser and search for wp-admin at your URL. For example, abc.com/wp-admin, and then, to complete the entire process step by step, you can log in with your username and password.

How to apply a theme in a new blog?

By the way, our blog was created only after the last step.
And we can start publishing content if we want. But when you internet
By entering your domain name and opening a blog,
Not good

So we need to properly set the header, logo, footer, blog slide, we need to install the WordPress theme and have some of the best free WordPress lists from which you can choose your favorite theme.

After installing the WordPress dashboard, install many themes.

  1. Go to appearance.
  2. Go to topic option.
  3. Go to add a new option.

If you downloaded a theme from your own system, download
download a new blog topic and install and activate it, and if not
You can add and customize any new theme from Direct Dashboard.

I hope you understand this, friends. 2019 How to create a blog? How to set up a new blog? I told about almost every possible information about it. These tips will be useful for you when creating any topic in the blog. Share the good accordingly.