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Hi friends, do you want to make money sitting at home? You are the easiest and long money making technique Looking for? If yes So you have the right place. Here on 50 days before payment They can tell you about the opportunity to earn while sitting at home.

In India 373 million smartphone users There are and 460 million internet users There is. Together, many people make the Internet the largest market in the world. Wherever there are no services or products, they are sold and bought. In this case, each person has a chance to earn an online pay, which is used on the Internet.

But for them, they need to know about the tips, because if you don’t know how to make money online, making money online will become a maze for you. Thus, your time will be wasted, but you will not get money, and therefore, if you want to earn 10, 20, 30 or 1 lakh, doing homework. So you definitely see them.

Top 50 ways to make money online from home in 2019:

1. make money with whatsapp

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users per month, which is more than the country's population. Whatsapp is a private messaging application, so every user sees all the messages that come to WhatsApp. What is most important for business transformation

On WhatsApp, you can also share a video, image, and document file with the text. You can download sites such as openload.co, which can download software, songs and movies and make money by sharing them in the WhatsApp group. The more you can download from your link, the more money you get.

What is whatsapp se paise?

You can also earn money by using a link to an affiliate product, and now marketing software WhatsApp allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

2. make money from Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking site for sharing videos and images, and making money is also the best platform. If you get 20 thousand or more Intagram subscribers, you can get direct promotion payment, for which you can give a brand from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees per post.

Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

3. Buy and sell a domain

The benefits of selling a domain are business, and many people sell a domain for 350 rupees in rupees. You can sell them from a website such as Godaddy, selling domains from the online domain market. There is a good Flippa marketplace for selling domains.

Website / blog for the sale of Lakho Kaise Kamaye?

4. Make Money With Facebook

Facebook paid promotionThere are many ways to make money with Facebook FB Audience You can monetize your video and content with the help and you can earn money by advertising on Facebook, increasing the number of likes and subscribers on the FB page, you can make money on direct advertising.

Why Facebook Sease?

5. Start an Amazon Business Salesperson

If you have any offline business that is not profitable for you, you can sell your product online and make a good profit online by becoming an Amazon seller. If you want to create an Amazon merchant, you must register your business for which,

  • You must have business details.
  • Email id and phone number required.
  • Need basic information about the business.
  • Details of tax registration (PAN and GST).

By becoming a seller, you can sell such things on Amazon.

Clothing, Cars, Kids' Products, Batteries, Beauty Salon, Books, Consumables, Consumer Electronics (including cameras and video games – set-top boxes), Digital Accessories (including mobile accessories, Electronic accessories and accessories for PC), Groceries, Homeware, Jewelry, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office and Stationery, Personal Care Supplies, Personal Computers, Pet Supplies, Software, Shoes and Bags, Tablets, Toys, Video games (consoles and games) and the clock.

6. Start Upwork Freelancing

Upwork is currently the best freelance website in the world with millions of service providers and millions of customers. If you have any SEO, PPC, web / software development, ect design skills. So you can provide a service by registering with Upwork, from here you can get from 5 to 50 dollars in one hour.

6. Mobile application development

Mobile application development is a popular technology that is in great demand these days. In this case, if you know about developing applications for Android and iOS, you can make money by making an application for a client, or you can create an application and publish it in the Play Store or iTunes through the AdMob Monetification and Paid application. ,

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent work with which you can stay online at home. Remote.co is a popular website from which you can connect as a virtual assistant on topics such as accounting, customer service, and healthcare. From here you can become a regular employee of the company and receive a monthly income from 50k to 100k.

8. Start online survey

There are many such sites that ask us a few questions, and do not give us money. Some of which are popular.

  • Inbokshdolllrs
  • iPanelOnline India
  • Review ः AAD
  • Brandinstitute
  • Globletestnarket

You can earn from 1 to 5 dollars for a survey by completing the assignment given by joining them, and you can complete 4 to 5 tasks per day.

9. Sellers video tutorials

If you have useful information about a subject that can be used as a skull, you can sell it by creating relevant video tutorials on your subject. Selz.com is the best-selling popular marketplace where you can sell your guide by creating a website.

10.Pay work on writing content

Currently, this is a high-paying work at home, for which you can get from a word of 20ps to 4rs, i.e. E. If you write content in 500 words, you can get from 250 to 2000 rupees. You can start this work by making a sample of the content and through the website of a freelancer.

11.Creative Affiliate Website

There are many such companies that have just made a big business selling an affiliate product and earning millions of rupees every month, on which the popular affiliate site is a smartpix. If you have information about WordPress, you can create a partner website linked to any product found on Flipkart, Amazon, and start your own business.

Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

12. Review of software for money

There are many websites listing software, such as SoftwareAdvice, G2crowd, which lists thousands of computer and web applications. Companies write from 10 to 20 dollars per review to write a review about this software, in which you can earn up to 100 dollars per day by creating an account on the software listing website.

13. make money from a mobile game

Who does not like to play games? Everyone loves to play games on a mobile or computer in their free time. If you have such a hobby, then it can be a source of income for you. You can earn money by joining the YouTube gaming platform, playing the live game, and making money by participating in many competitions together.

Playing Kyle Car Pays Kayse Kamaye?

14. Participate in coding competitions.

If you have information about Coding, you can earn millions by participating in the Coding Challenge. Techgig, which is a popular website that always has such a difficult task that you can join for any language.

15. Create an e-commerce portal

Like our own e-commerce portal Flipkart and Amazon, so you care about that. Wooplr, Shopify is the only platform where you can create your own e-commerce portal and sell the product so that we can have a good income.

16. Earn money by selling e-books.

There is no need to sell books to sell your book on the market, paying a huge amount of money to the market. Now is the time of digital things. You can create your own online bookstore by writing a book on sites such as Instamojo and Book can be sold online.

E-book Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye?

17. Make money from PTC sites.

PTC are sites where we can get money that you can click on. Clicksense is a popular PTC site that you can join by clicking on the ads listed in this advertising task and making money for each click.

18. Start of photo

If you have a passion for photography, you have a great opportunity to make money. You can earn money by clicking on Photo Freelancers sites, clicking on Feverr, Upwork, many such photographers are associated with a photographer who earns thousands of rupees daily.

19. Make Money from OLX

All old stuff is sold on OLX. We all know that because of this, we can join local services on OLX and list all the products we provide on OLX. With this help you can do your business in the local market.

20. Leading sales

Lead is very important for any business, and companies spend hundreds of thousands of rupees monthly to generate lead, and for this, companies are looking for help both within the company and for the freelancer and companies, and not from $ 500 to $ 1,000 per lead. I can give. Popular software company Chet, which gives $ 500 for leadership.

21. Earn money from Hubpages

By the way, we are creating a blog on a blogger, including mounting Google Adsense, we can share content on Hubpages and turn it into money using Hubpages Ad, Google Adsense and Amazon and make money on Ad Click.

22. sell your design

If you are a designer, you can do the design on your computer, sitting at home,

  • supermarket
  • 99 designs
  • Society 6
  • Treadless

How you can sell your design on the site.

23. Fix search engine errors

There are many platforms that give money to fix errors related to the search engine, report an error and share your opinion about the search engine. Some of which are popular

  • Kmekcom
  • Srckpckcom
  • Srveskguglkcom / Google-opinian-riwards / odiyns-mezrment

24. Start online tutoring

If you have any substantive experience, you can become an online tutor by joining www.tutor.com/apply, and you can work anywhere in the world by doing online tutoring and you will get more money than offline learning. ,

25. Becoming a Google partner

Whether you like to write or shoot videos, in both cases, Google can join two free Blogger and YouTube programs to earn you the best online money, where you can monetize AdSense by sharing any kind of useful content. ,

What is Google Se Paise? 2 tar


This is one of the best jobs to make money sitting at home. You can get a better job by joining https://www.transcribeme.com/. Here you are paid according to a minute, which ranges from $ 0.1 to $ 0.75. It can comfortably earn $ 100 per day.

Support 27.Chat

All major companies, such as Apple, Samsung, Google experts are looking for work to support chat from home, which can provide appropriate support from their product from home. If your typing speed is good, you can get a better chat support job here.

  • Https: //www.applkcom/jobs/us/ahakhtml
  • Https: // pitrrchushionkneedlkcom / nedlers / velkm /

28. Data entry clerk

The data entry clerk on the Internet can be found on every freelancer website. If you have information about MS Excel, you can get from 500 to 1000 rupees for each individual data entry job and from 1 to 3 jobs in convenient day. May be completed.


The job of a translator from home Each is the best source of income for a person who has information about two or more languages. Such as English, , Spanish, Arabic, etc. There are many companies that are looking for a freelance translator who can convert their content from one language to another in their own language, and companies pay well for this.

30. Recruitment Consultant

If you send an interview with a candidate for a job in any company and it is selected, the company will give you money as a commission. You can do this work both online and offline, for this you need to create your own consulting portal and contact companies, regardless of whether the candidate comes to you, send him to the right company in accordance with his skills.

31. Sales Services

Website development, software support, hardware support are many types of services you can sell at home. Currently, you will receive from 10,000 to 20,000 rupees for building a WordPress site, and if the work grows, you can get more money.

32.Test applications and websites

Testing applications and websites are two things that happen in each development company, but companies have very few testing teams in their office, most companies hire third-party resources, paying for testing. If you want to test websites and applications for money, you can connect to a platform such as testerwork.com.

33.Logo Design

Logo Any business is identified, and companies pay for the price that it asks for the best logo, in the Design area this is creative work, and if you go to logo design, then you join the site like Upwork, Feverr. Make a good income.

34. Online fitness training

Keeping fit is very important for everyone, and therefore attackers do very well every month to stay in shape, and for this reason a personal and online fitness trainer dominates the world over. If you are a fan of fitness, then you can conduct fitness training online through the site Youtube.

Jaise Fitness Fighters on YouTube: Check here

35. Sponsorship and paid promotion

To make money with sponsorship and paid promotions, you must build your online reputation through a website, YouTube, social networks, and if you have it all, you can connect to a reliable sponsorship market such as Famebit. From where you can find a sponsor of any product.

Sponsorship Ke Liye Contact Kaha Kare?

36. Dropshipping business

Buying a product at a cheap price in one place and selling a product at a different price in another place is the basic model of online delivery, which is considered one of the best ways to make money. To do this, you have 2 or 2 more e-commerce. The platform must be an account seller.

What is dropshipping? Isse Paise Kaise Kamaye?

37.Sell custom design t-shirt

On a website like Vistaprint, we can create customized business cards according to our design. There are many similar ports from which we can independently develop and sell T-shirts, and this will give you a commission on each sale.

T-shirt Ka Online Business Qais Shuru Kare?

38. Sell concerts on Fiverr

The Feverr freelancer community is where many sellers and buyers are connected. We must perform to sell any service here, and, as soon as possible, our service will be sold as soon as possible, and we will get the highest possible price.

39. Rent a car / bike

If you have a car or a bicycle, and you want to make money sitting at home, then you can join your car or bicycle with Ola by joining Ola. From here you get a chance to earn from 10,000 to 30,000 rupees from home.

40.Sell hosting

Selling hosting is the easiest way, because all hosting providers are affiliate programs that anyone can easily join. The cost of a business hosting ranges from 50 to 100 dollars.

41.Hosting on the website of high authority

Guest mailing is a way to promote a business, which makes every small and large business, for the promotion of its product or services, for each guest publication pay from 500 to 5000 rupees, that is, the best place in the guest post. More money

But you probably will not know as much as the popular websites in the world, such as Forbes, Hubspot, entrepreneur, but this is not all published here, if you understand their rules well, then you can take money and other Postings share here. And they can take money from them.

42. Video Editing

Video is a creative way to promote, convert, train, and brand your portfolio on the Internet, but it is useless for video editing. Any brand for creative video editing on videos from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees, and if you have this skill, then you should speak at Fiver.

43. PowerPoint Presentation

If you know about creating MS PowerPoint presentations, then you can become an employee of a company sitting at home, thanks to which many such personal and business presentations will be available day after day, from 10 to 50 dollars for PPT.

44. Локальный листинг

Каждый хочет вести свой бизнес в Интернете, и для этого он хочет разместить список своих компаний в Google my business, и он нанят онлайн для местного эксперта, и эта работа может приносить вам 100 долларов в день без каких-либо трудностей. работы.

45: Вычитка и редактирование

Законные работы по корректуре можно зарабатывать в Интернете каждый месяц от 1000 до 10000 долларов, но для этого вам нужно лучше знать любой требовательный язык. Корректоры часто нанимают крупные организации и платят за это хорошую оплату. Вы также можете работать в Upwork. Получит

46.Финансовый консалтинг

Работа в сфере финансового консалтинга онлайн В Индии, как и в наши дни, наблюдаются огромные тенденции, и на таких сайтах, как фрилансер, Upwork, тысячи финансовых консультантов нанимаются каждый день по хорошей цене. ऐसे में आप एक Financial expert है तो आपके लिए घर बैठे income का बेहतर तरीका हो सकता है.

47.Email Marketing

Email marketing से सबसे ज्यादा conversion, sales, lead मिलता है और इसलिए हर एक business के लिए email important है. आप email list का एक बेहतर database बनाकर किसी भी companies से brand promotion, lead और sales के लिए contact कर सकते है आपको हर एक email के लिए पैसा मिलेगा.

Bonus - अगर आप student है यह आपके पास computer नहीं है तो आप अपने इन तरीको से अपने smartphone के माध्यम
 से पैसा कमा सकते हैं.

Mobile Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?

How to earn money as a student in india?

दोस्तों यह 50 best ways to make money from home के लिए जो आपके घर बैठे एक employee, business owner बना सकते है और आपके दिमाग से पैसे नाम के डर को कम कर सकते है. अगर आप सर्च कर रहे है की how to earn money from home without any investment? तो यही सबसे बेस्ट है. आप कोई सवाल या सुझाव हो तो कमेंट जरुर करे.


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