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You are looking for best alternatives to wireshark for Android phones? Well, if so, then you are in the right place. Wireshark, released in 1998 under the name Ethereal, is an open source network protocol analyzer. It is widely used for troubleshooting and network analysis at the microscopic level.

Can be used to monitor all incoming and outgoing data packets on a computer network. Using Wireshark, you can see all the data on the network that is not encrypted.

Wireshark can be used on different platforms, but it is still not available for Android. most The smartphone runs on the Android operating system.

According to various reports, it is expected that the number of smartphone users will gradually increase over the next few years. Therefore, it is important to find the best alternatives to Wireshark for Android for network monitoring.

There are several free and paid Android apps that you can use to monitor and track data packets. These applications will also allow you to conduct a comprehensive check of various Internet. protocols,

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7 best alternatives Wireshark for Android

Some of the applications listed below will require root access to your Android device to capture and track network packets. Here are some of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android.

1- cSploit

This is one of the most advanced security systems. Tools Available on Android. To run cSploit on Android, you need to have root access to your device. This app provides some useful features to protect your phone.

If you used Metasploit on your PC, then you will be quite comfortable with cSploit, since cSploit integrates various Metasploit platforms that help to find security. loopholes,

The various functions offered by cSploit allow us to find vulnerabilities, find feats and fixes for these vulnerabilities, monitoring local networks, listing local hostsPerform many attacks and more.

With the right skills, you can also crack Wi-Fi passwords and install backdoors for later access. This application also has an RPCd (remote procedure call daemon), which is the Metasploit infrastructure used to scan for vulnerabilities and control sessions for compromised targets.

If you want an application that can perform many vital functions, then this app is for you. Well, this application is free, you can get it through this link.

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Well, the second application in the list of the best alternatives to Wireshark is ZANTI. Developed by an American company (Zimperium Inc), known for its popular mobile security apps. This is a penetration testing toolkit available for Android. This allows you to monitor and manage network packets and evaluate risk levels with unexpected ease.

This application allows you to run a full network scan and ensure security. You can copy various cyber Attack technique using the latest version of ZANTI.

For the free application, you will be surprised to know what features this application offers. It can be used to listen on networks and passwords, capturing HTTP sessions, checking for vulnerabilities and their use, the use of routers and much more.

zANTI can be used to diagnose network vulnerabilities and provide solutions for this problem. It also allows you to carry out the Man in the Middle attack, password hacking, and Metasploit.

This application is for those who want to get a complete set of penetration testing tools and easily track incoming and outgoing data. To use this application, your phone must be rooted. You can download ZANTI via this link. Also download the iOS emulator for Android.

3- Proxy debugging

The debug proxy is a network motion monitor that allows a record and to capture incoming and outgoing data packets and debugging your network applications. Unlike zANTI and cSploit, this application is created solely for viewing and modifying traffic through your network and proxy.

Debug proxy server can be downloaded and used for free. Some features offered by Debug Proxy: monitoring HTTP and HTTP traffic, viewing the contents of traffic, decrypting SSL traffic testing security using Mitm vulnerability attack test and view real-time data consumption.

This is an HTTP or HTTPS proxy server that controls traffic through this proxy. You do not need to root your device to use this application. You can download debug Proxy server at this link or follow the instructions given in this link to set up an Android proxy. Also check out the Music Downloader app for Android.

4- packet capture

Packet Capture is a tool that does what its name suggests. intercept data packets on a computer network. It is designed by Gray Shirts, which is known for creating security-related applications. Packet capture is one of the best alternatives to Wireshark for Android.

This is network traffic. interceptor application with SSL decryption. This application is used to manage and monitor data packets. Packet Capture is a powerful debugging tool available on the Google Play store.

This allows you to decrypt SSL using MITM technique, show data packets in any hex or text, and more. This application does not require root access, making it an even better option. The user interface is simple and you can use it with ease.

You do not need to know much about network and connection to use this application. If you are looking for a simple application that will control data transfer and protect your device, then you should try this app. You can download the application from this link.

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5- tPacketCapture

Designed by Taosoftware Co., Ltd., tPacketCapture is Freemium (offers both free and paid services) software available on the Google Play Store. Like Debug Proxy and Packet Capture, this application is used to monitor and capture data packets.

All captured data is stored in the PCAP file format in external storage. TpacketCapture uses a neat and simple interface to show all the details related to your network. Saved PCAP The file must be transferred to your computer to see a detailed analysis.

The paid version of the app allows some additional features like the app. filtration which allows you to capture network packets for a specific application.

You can download the free version from this link or the paid version from this link. Before buying a paid version, it is recommended to first try the free version. You can also download Emoji apps for Android.

6 – Android tcpdump

tcpdump-arm is a command line tool for capturing data packets that is available for Android. Beginners cannot use this application, as it requires basic network knowledge and connectionThis is one of the best alternatives to Wireshark.

If you used Linux tcpdump or UNIX car, then it will be a piece of cake for you, since it is something like it. To run this application, you need to have a rooted device and a terminal access program.

You can find many terminal emulators in the Play Store. You can capture and control the network. packages by writing a few lines of code in tcpdump. Download the application at this link.


NMap stands for Network Mapper, which is one of the best open source network scanners. this utility The tool has been used to ensure security and exploit vulnerabilities for several decades.

This application can use some advanced features to display networks filled with IP filters, firewalls and routersThis application can be used in both rooted and non-routed phones. Nonroot phones will not be able to use some features.

It can be used to generate network packets, identify hosts on a network, detect open ports on hosts, Operating Systems detection and more. Using small codes, you can easily find and exploit vulnerabilities in the network.

To use this tool, you must have a basic knowledge of NMap. teams and its functions. You can download Nmap from this link, as well as complete the installation procedure to launch the application on your phone.

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If you are looking for best alternatives to wireshark which will provide a wide range of functions, then download cSploit or zANTI. Both of these applications will provide most of the features offered by Wireshark.

If you do not want to root your device, check tPacketCapture, Debug Proxy or Packet Capture.

I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the network and the downloadable application before messing with it, as this may cause some difficulties for your device.