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Are you looking for the best? Flashcard application for iPhone? Well, here are the top 7 Flashcard applications for iOS and Android phones. Learning something with your heart is not an easy task. Write or read new words.

Flashcard application for iPhone

Well flash card based on this principle. They contain small cards words or photo The concept of help or foreign language.

This is intended to carry out your training. For you Entrance examination SATS or other competitive exams or only interested in learning a new language.

This is where digital flash cards come in.

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7 Best Flashcard Applications for iPhone

I have compiled a list of 7 the best flashcard application for iPhone It can be used for all devices.

1. FlashCards + by Chegg

FlashCard + is simple and user friendly application that is considered as one of the best flash card applications for the iPhone. Using a two-sided card set, FlashCard + allows adding decks without limits after creating an account.

the best flashcard application

Deck can be sorted into application languages. FlashCards + equipped with a text-based sound card reader and voice-assisted text reader.

You can memorize skills. Some iOS users can be active synchronization and involved in many devices. A public UI is a pretty basic touch for your learning process.

FlashCard + with clips and clips on clips. However, certain features such as fonts optimization come to $ 3.99. Download it for free from this link.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the biggest flashcard applications for iOS on the market. That is not a problem.

A person can search, study and learn flash card reach out to several subjects by exploring the application.

the best flashcard application for iPhone

Quizlet Learning. This feature uses sample data from anonymous millions quiz session and behave as a progress tracker.

Other interesting features include: visibility. Users can play quizzes or matching games.

Quizlet offers a trial version of $ 20,000 per year. You can download it from here.

3. StudyStack

Apart from functioning flashback applications for iPhone, StudyStack also offers activity based routine. This is a knowledge and game game. This makes it easy for users to create and stack cards.

flash card application for iOS

This helps distinguish them. Card two sides follow-up questions.

This is a feature that can be learned from the platform. There is activities it can be very fun.

StudyStack is free to use and contain no ads. If you want to increase your vocabulary, download StudyStack from this link.

4. Anki

This is one of the oldest flashcard applications for iPhone and Android devices on the market. ANKI offers rich functionality for learning foreign languages language and make educational flash cards.

Anki is installed.

flashcard application for iphone

Your progress tracks your progress algorithm which analyzes repeated evaluations regularly. Direct deck card creation and can be used to add cards to the application.

Card adjustments can be added as much as possible field as they want. Anki also allows the inclusion of an audio clip with a card.

While free ANKI for Web OS and Linux, IOS users need to buy the plugin later. You can download the application from this link.

5. Learn Blue

StudyBlue allows you to make one made by someone else. This implies exploration general flower. Taking a science quiz study, studyblue can help with that.

flash card application

Audio recordings and sound recordings. Profile and produce relevant. quiz and puzzles for them to complete. That makes Studyblue one of the best flashcard applications for iPhone and Android devices.

True / false or fill in the blanks. Questions can be filtered application to suggest learning.

StudyBlue comes in two versions – a freeware with subscriptions starting at $ 7 per month. Download here

6. Brainscape

Does not contain quizzes or fancy games, Brainscape is a flashcard application for iOS & Android developed only for learning through cards. That is not intended.

flashcard application

No need to worry about flash card time. That is one smartest Flashcard application is available for iOS.

Up to the progressive level, Brainscape also lets you make cards subjects from foreign languages ​​to music theory.

In this case, photographic memory skills.

Brainscape reverse Cards can be opened with a subscription starting at $ 9.99 per month. This application can be downloaded from this link.

7. Tin Card

Tinycards, made by Duolingo developers, is simple flashcard application which teaches various language users to use a deck of cards. The Tinycards application has a fairly minimalist layout. Anyone can easily use it.

the best flashcard application

Learn how to learn new words effectively. Tinycards offer a way to memorize words for each word.

There is only one correct answer. Users can also add learn more interesting process.

Users don't need to access your account.

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Well flashcard application for iphone. You can complete the application of your dreams.

If you want to follow up on your phone card (like Brainscape) or interactively game based learning (like StudyStack). Tell us what you need!