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You can download AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder from our software library for free. Without a doubt, audio streaming has become very popular in recent years. Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use program that allows you to replenish your music collection with unlimited free music. The recorder supports several streaming services, such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius Radio, Yahoo Music, SoundCloud, and many others, to record sound with one click. Recorder is a 100% legal way to record your favorite tracks from music stations for personal use for free.

AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder Features

Automatic format detection
• The recorder determines the optimal recording parameters, and you only need to choose between quality and file size. It supports most popular MP3 and OGG formats, as well as lossless WAV and FLAC formats for the highest quality.

Automatic splitter
• Allows you to split tracks for a specific time or work in intellectual mode. In Smart mode, the software detects a pause between songs and creates a separate file for each track. Short tracks, most of which are commercials, can be deleted automatically.

Advanced Scheduler
• You can schedule a recording for many months in advance. The scheduler can start and close programs, open web pages and automatically generate a file name for recording.

Simple but multifunctional
• The interface is as simple as possible, and even a child can understand it. At the same time, advanced users can use advanced settings.

Do not clutter up your system
• We do not install virtual sound cards that degrade performance and stability, we use only standard Windows functions that ensure compatibility with future Windows updates.

Easy to edit entries
• If you want to edit an audio file after recording, you can use the free add-on to the sound editor. Just open the recording browser, select your recording and click the “Edit file in sound editor” button. The first time it downloads and installs the add-in, the next time it automatically loads the audio file into the editor.

Recording browser
• Allows you to listen, delete, copy, edit tags, send recordings to iTunes

Title: AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder v2.7.5.0
Developer: AbyssMedia.com
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

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