The game is mediocre, but very difficult.
In learning mode, everything is clearly intuitive, but incidentally the message does not appear on the screen (restarting the help level). So in addition, it still rises for a long time.
(Personally, I only play in the sandbox), even though I have gone through all the training, the game is still difficult.
In the sandbox, you need to build a building behind the building, build the wrong building – think you're lost. This is the beginning, then everything is simpler. But bl isn't so easy. In an easy level of difficulty (including enemies), it is very unrealistic that it is difficult to play, first the enemy arrives as a scout, and then the enemy itself, which brings everything to pieces. What's wrong here? -When you kill the scouts, in the weapon, in the bunker (he calls whatever you want), the ammo ends. And to make them impossible, Ihmo, you just started the game, and you still have to build a building behind the building. And that's it, the enemy comes, and the game ends because of the imbalance.
And this is ants xs.
By the way, the game still can't fix one big mistake. This is what bot "transportation" works wrong. Sometimes they just pile up, (even when a building is being built), and they don't want to take what is needed for this building (even though it exists, and is located right in front of them). And "Workers" bots (or as they are called, but they go into place, and spawn products. Yes.) Also it doesn't work properly. Most often, one bot goes to another, even despite the fact that I specifically make space, or just build a building — NO! He went to another bot to "help."
Even though the game doesn't have Automation functions, it's quite difficult to distribute bots themselves, as I said above, they work incorrectly. Okay, with the curvature of the bot, but really. To distribute it is quite difficult, some die, while others grow big, and it's almost impossible to track everything. It would be much better if the game itself shared bots.
Oh yes, about enemies:
There is a timer that they arrive, but the time in the timer is very little, in many cases I only have time to open the "Distribution bot" menu, and while I distribute bots, half of them will be destroyed by the enemy. It's not realistic to play with them!
At the beginning of the game you need to build a windmill, because the power plant will "die", and the game can be considered lost. But after the construction of windmills, resources are only in the building behind the building. IMHO, built is not lost. But if you gather resources, and build windmills, and start building buildings behind buildings, enemies will fly and lose again. Playing is very difficult and unrealistic.