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DESCRIPTION- KMSAuto Net 2016 v1.5.0 Portable Multilanguage Activador Office 2016

Ghdownload.Com – KMSAuto Net 2016 Activator for Windows Operating Systems VL editions: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 as well as Office 2010, 2013, 2016.
In addition, the program activates:

  • 1—>Windows 8.1 Single Language;
  • 2—>Windows 8.1 Core;
  • 3—>Windows 8.1 Core N;
  • 4—>Windows 8.1 Pro WMC;
  • 5—>Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro;
  • 6—>Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard;
  • 7—>Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.
  • 8—>Based on the KMS Server Service of mikmik38 (MDL).


Run KMSAuto Net.exe as administrator and use the interface. If you need additional functionality, enable Professional Mode. The Professional Mode On / Off button is located on the “About” tab. The easiest way to use the program is to choose the automatic mode. All you need to do is press the button if you want to activate and accept the create a task programmed to reactivate when you press the button.

Tip: First you need to activate Windows and Office in manual mode, and only then, when you are sure that the activation is carried out, you can create a scheduled task to reactivate products every 25 days. If the system does not want to activate in Professional Mode go to “Utilities” and manually install a GVLK key for the appropriate Windows Edition, and then try to activate again.


To Activador Office 2016 the TAP network adapter must be installed directly and use the IP address or use the special driver. All these features are integrated into the program.
To activate via LAN, the TAP interface can not be used to install and activate by the address of a computer on the network. If you reconfigure the program and stop operating correctly – check the “Reset the program” box. All settings will default.


  1. / Win = act – Run this program in silent mode, activate Windows and exit the program.
  2. / Off = act – Run this program in silent mode, activate Activador Office 2016 and exit the program.
  3. / Log = yes – Run this program in silent mode, create an ActStatus.log file and exit the program.
  4. / Kmsset = yes – Run this program in silent mode, install the KMS service and exit the program. It is only for
  5. KMS Service, without TAP, WinDivert, Hook.
  6. / Kmsdel = yes – Run this program in silent mode, remove the KMS Service and exit the program.
  7. / Key = yes – Run this program in silent mode, install the Windows key and exit the program.
  8. / Task = yes – Run this program in silent mode, create a scheduled task for the Activation of Windows and Office every 25 days and exit.
  9. / Taskrun = yes – Run this program in silent mode, run Task Scheduler for Windows and Activador Office 2016 and quit the program.
    / Convert = – Run this program in silent mode, preparation to perform the conversion of the Windows version and exit the program.
    Possible key values: win81pro, win81ent, win81, win81sl, win81wmc
    After using this feature, you need to restart your computer.
  10. / Sound = yes – Enable sounds.
  11. / Sound = no – Disable sounds.

         Activation will be done with the settings defined in the KMS-Service tab.When you transfer the program to another computer, you need to reset the Auto Mode. Activador Office 2016 could continue in automatic, but the mode would not be optimal for your new computer.To reset the auto mode to its initial state you need to switch to any other mode, and then select auto again. Everything will be reset to its initial state.


About Activating the Built-in Program Activador Office 2016

The program can perform activation with the KMS Server Emulator in several different ways. Why several ?: The standard mode of connecting to the activation server via the local host ( was wrapped in Windows 8.1.
All methods that are intended for activation in some way try to circumvent or deceive the system, it does so by thinking that the KMS server is not on your computer, but away on the network.


Command Line Parameters:
-Port <Port Value> – KMS Port. Range 1 to 65535
-PWin <PID> – Windows PID
-PO14 <PID> – Office 2010 PID
-PO15 <PID> – Office 2013 PID
-AI <Interval> – Activation Interval. Range 15 to 43200 minutes
-RI <Interval> – Renewal Interval. Range 15 to 43200 minutes
KillProcessOnPort – Force open the KMS Port if it is present.
-Log – Log file Enabled.
-IP – Displays the IP addresses of the Client Computers.
Hwid <HWID> – Machine Hardware Hash.
The program requires .NET Framework 4.5

To run properly, you need to add the KMSSS.exe file to your antivirus exclusions! Or disable the antivirus during the activation process.

  1. Sometimes the KMS-Service is not installed properly, due to different reasons.
  2. You will need to do 2 or 3 times “Remove KMS-Service” and reboot your computer.
  3. When working with the program it makes sense to select the option “Save settings in the
  4. Carpteta of the program “. In this case, the configuration file will be stored in
  5. The program folder, and not in C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ MSfree Inc.
  6. Previous versions of KMS Log Analyzer.xlsm are incompatible with KMS Server Service v1.1.7
  7. In order to keep the old records should be transferred to the new
  8. KMS Log Analyzer using the copy-paste function.
  9. I want to thank mikmik38, without his work this program would have been practically impossible.
  10. A hotbird64, for its KMS Client, Evgeny972 and friends to do
  11. Possible assistance and testing of multiple versions of the program.

KMSAuto Net 2016 v1.5.0 Portable Multi language
| 5.43 MB | Author: Ratiborus


  1. V1.5.0
    -Fixed minor bugs.
  2. V1.4.9
    -Added Keys for Windows Server 2016 Essentials.
    -KMS Server Service v2.0.3.
  3. V1.4.8
    -Added Keys for Windows Server 2016.
  4. V1.4.7
    -New KMS-Service.
  5. V1.4.6
    -Added Keys for Windows 10 and Office 2016.
  6. V1.4.5
    -Fixed minor bugs.
  7. V1.4.4
    -Small changes in program code.
  8. V1.4.3
    -Small changes in program code.
  9. V1.4.2
    -Changes in program for compatibility with antivirus software.
  10. V1.4.0
    -Conversion of Office 2016 Mondo.
  11. V1.3.9
    -Conversion of Office 2016 Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, OutLook, PowerPoint, Publisher RETAIL to VL.
  12. V1.3.8
    – Fixed: mapping of display buttons when the source is enlarged to 125%.
    -Added: Shows the expiration date of the license (180 days 0 hours 0 minutes).
    – Added in “Other utilities” to restore system files from the disk of your version / edition of Windows.
  13. V1.3.7
    – Fixed: Coded readme_ru.txt.
    – Added readme.txt in Bulgarian language.
    -Utility to save the activation MSActBackUp v1.0.8.
  14. V1.3.6
    -Updated ProduKey v1.70 to v.1.80.
    – Fixed: Putting keys for Office 2016.
    – Fixed: Task Scheduler runs every 10 days.
  15. V1.3.5
    -ProduKey updated from v1.66 ​​to v1.70.
    -New TAP driver with Windows 10 support. A random IP is used and when the activation fails the box is cleared.
    -KMS Service re-compiled. So the antivirus does not detect it as a threat / false positive.
    – MSActBackUp utility included.
    -Keys added for Windows 10 and Office 2016.
    -Conversion of Office 2016 RETAIL to VL.
    -If Office is not installed, the “Activate Office” button is disabled.
    -In the “About” tab you can find a link to a page with my programs.
    -Added program for Windows 10 “Show or hide updates”
  16. V1.3.4
    -Changes in the program for compatibility with antivirus software.
  17. V1.3.3
    -The program, when trying to activate Office 2013 RETAIL converts the OfficeProPlus channel,
    VisioPro, ProjectPro in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 to KMS client.
  18. V1.3.2
    – Minor changes to the interface, added compatibility with Windows Technical Preview.
    -The program now has interface in French language, thanks to Coleo.
  19. V1.3.1.b4
    -Added the function running the heos script (
    This script looks for outdated and installed Office 2010/2013 updates
    And makes possible its removal.
  20. V1.3.1.b3
    – Added the function to switch the interface language.
  21. V1.3.1.b2
    -fixed error when working with command console parameters by creating a task
  22. V1.3.1.b1
    -Added support to activate Windows Technical Preview, Windows 10.
  23. V1.3.0
    -Added support to activate OEM editions: “Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing”,
    “Windows 8.1 with Bing” and “Windows 8.1 Pro for Education”
  24. V1.2.8
    -Program updated program from v1.65 to v1.66.
    -SppPatcher replaced in the Hook SECO Injector method.
    -Error deleted showing “Activation Interval” on ES, VI and UA transfers.
  25. V1.2.7
    -To view the log in the activation program, KMS Log Analizer.xlsm is now integrated.
    -The computer must have installed an application capable of reading .xlms (MS Excel) files.
    -Adding the program for the new log file format made by Bort_Nick,
    -New KMS Server Service ( Activador Office 2016) v1.1.7.
    – Increased list of systems for editing conversion.
  26. V1.2.6.1
    – Changed how the “Program Information” button works on the “About” tab.
    – Fixed the non-functional button “Obtain ePID and Hwid from the KMS Service”.
  27. V1.2.6
    -fixed a problem with the installation of the key after executing the command “slmgr.vbs / upk”.
    -To avoid detection of antivirus modules, the driver files are protected
    With password.
    In addition it is imperative to add exclusions to the following folders:
    % SYSTEMDRIVE% \ ProgramData \ KMSAuto \ *. *
    % SYSTEMDRIVE% \ ProgramData \ KMSAutoS \ *. *
    % TEMP% \ KMSAuto \ *. *
    % TEMP% \ PDK \ *. *
  28. V1.2.5
    -When the activation fails a message is displayed and an attempt to place a GVLK key is made
    -Added the option to disable the Task Scheduler which monitors the actions of the
  29. V1.2.4.1
    -fixed error when working with command console parameters by creating a task
  30. V1.2.4
    -Activating in Auto mode starts using the Windivert method.
    -In the TAP method the TAP adapter is not reinstalled.
  31. V1.2.3
    – Activation functions are optimized for Windows and Activador Office 2016.
    – Fixed some minor errors.
    -Changes in the “Utilities” tab. Added “KMS Client by Hotbird64”
    -New KMSSS.exe that supports the installation of the Hwid KMS-Server.
  32. V1.2.2
    -Correct the date and time shown in hexadecimal format in the log file.
  33. V1.2.1
    – Added the utility of ShowHideControls miXOnIN. To convert System Editions.
    – In Professional Mode, Advanced tab, the button “Convert Office RETAIL to VL”.
    Run on Windows 8-8.1, it does not work on Windows 7!
    -New KMSSS.exe to support the installation of Hwid KMS-Server.
  34. V1.2.0
    -Changes in the “Settings” tab.
  35. V1.1.9.b1
    -Program updated for ProduKey v1.62 v1.65
    -Added select the activation intervals every 10 and 20 days.
    -Installation of Key GVLK in the tab “Utilities”, works through slmgr.vbs.
    – Changed the function to install key for “Product not supported” (if so reported by WMI OS).
    – Added the KMS Log Analyzer program for easy viewing and preservation of the KMS Service log file information. The computer must have an application installed to work with .xlsm (MS Excel) files. Not ready yet!
  36. V1.1.7 ÷ v1.1.8
    – Minor changes to the program interface. Added a link to a video.
    -In “Auto” mode the program starts searching for a solution with the correct IP address.
    – Fixed a bug that rarely happens related to the deletion of the files
    “Injector by deagles”. The program could hang with the message “Installation Hook,
    Injector by deagles ”
    – Activation functions are optimized for Windows and Activador Office 2016.
    -In the Utilities tab a button was added “Resetting the system is not valid.”
    Carefully read the message that appears when you press the button!
  37. V1.1.6
    – Added the ability of the program to reset the values ​​by default.
    -New containers for modules. Unpacking of modules and drivers is faster.
    -The Task Scheduler creates tasks at the Administrator level.
    -The KMS server address deletion works properly.
    – Fixed some minor bugs.
    *** Happy New Year 2014! ***
  38. V1.1.4
    -The program settings can be saved in the folder containing the program.
    -All program modules can be run from ProgramData or from the folder it contains
    To the program.
    -Fixed minor bugs.
  39. V1.1.2.b8
    – The ProduKey program is integrated inside the executable file.
  40. V1.1.2.b7
    – Fixed a bug to access the folder.
  41. V1.1.2.b6
    – Fixed a bug in the Programmer.
  42. V1.1.2.b4
    -In Auto mode, you can disable any activation method.
  43. V1.1.2.b3
    -The Hook method uses a modified SECO Injector. It works in the Activation and Renewal inervals
    And sets its own ePID.
  44. V1.1.2b2
    -Option to connect to the KMS Server where Hook mode works without replacing files.
    – Added the option in the task scheduler to create the task in the ProgramData \ KMSAutoS path.
  45. V1.1.1
    – Added the activation method with a temporary file replacement of 8.1.
  46. V1.0.9.1
    -Eliminating annoying bug with non-removed service TunMirror.
  47. V1.0.9
    -The program requires .NET Framework 4.5 again, at the request of users.
    -The dialog to change the product key appears only once per session with the program.
    -When the scheduled task is executed, the KMS Service is no longer removed from the system, if it was installed the first time.


Activador Office 2016 - KMSAuto Net 2016

Activador Office 2016 - KMSAuto Net 2016

Activador Office 2016 - KMSAuto Net 2016

Activador Office 2016 - KMSAuto Net 2016

Activador Office 2016 - KMSAuto Net 2016


KMSAuto Net 2016 v1.5.0 Portable Multilanguage Activador Office
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