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Mobile Legends: Adventure Mod

Licensed game based on mobile legends: Bang Bang! You do not want to miss this official sequel!
Let's open a new chapter for the adventures on Dawn Earth!

Mobile Legends: Adventure unique role-playing game IDLE with a giant map of the world and exclusive stories of heroes, as well as relaxing gameplay. You can get great resources even when you are offline!

1. Carefree gameplay
Stay out and fight to get big resources! Carefree updates and relaxing gameplay
Expand your squad, and the heroes will fight for you automatically! Idly to get rewards!
Spend 10 minutes a day and you can join this fantastic adventure!

2. Abundant strategies to choose from
Mobile Legends: Adventure offers dozens of Heroes of 6 different Powers. Show us your unique composition and strategy!
Collect and upgrade emblems and equipment, get dressed and charged!
You can enjoy this game with just a few taps!

3. Endless stages to challenge
Campaign, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel … All kinds of battles are waiting for you!
Collect, develop and fight! Power to challenge more powerful bosses!

4. Challenge players from around the world.
Enter the Arena to challenge other players!
Create a Guild with your friends and challenge the Guild to the Boss together!

5. unlock the legend
Start your adventure on the Land of Dawn with Leila, reveal the little-known truth of history and witness the Eternal War of Light and Darkness!

6. MLBB based licensed game
Mobile Legends: Adventure is the official sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
Thoroughly reworked heroes will bring you a new experience in this new game at idle!

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1.We are officially renamed Mobile Legends: Adventure.
2. We adjusted the number of diamonds and items in gift packages. Now you can get more Diamonds or items for the same price.
3. We lowered the VIP EXP required to increase the VIP.
4. Fixed a bug due to which the VIP-bonus did not take effect in idle mode.
5. Labyrinth and dungeons recycled.
6. Now the campaign consists of 33 chapters.
7. Added languages: Russian, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese.

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