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Today, everyone has a common and new feature with smartphones AI Camera, the recently released Samsung M, vivo, Oppo, and we will see AI Camera. Do you know what AI Camera is? and AI camera Who is better? Probably not,

If you currently have an AI camera smartphone, it’s better than any other phone camera, and what’s the difference between them, you may never have compared it – but if you’ve got the latest launch on the phone and you know what AI camera means? So maybe you could make purchases that turned out to be a deal with Your Life Your Money.

What is the camera on the phone?

AI full formArtificial Intelligence"This is what you already know, and you will also know how quickly digital and electronic gadgets connect to the essence of the real world; in the 21st century, each person depends on some kind of electronic or digital thing." ,

Ai is part of this, and now the use of an AI-based system is used in some way, from Internet search workflows to voice calls on a smartphone.

The artificial intelligence systems were developed to facilitate the work of a person, and the artificial intelligence camera also works according to the same concept: it improves the camera settings and image processing specified in the phone, and makes it understandable for users, so Could make a photo click better.

if you have AI running phone or camera Thus, as soon as you open the camera to click on the scene, it automatically reports the setting from which you can take a picture from the Killer camera.

Camera AI vs conventional camera Features:

If you are talking about the best features of the AI ​​camera, the most common name
"Portrait Mode"

This feature ranges from budget smartphones to the best smartphones.
Until now, they are all seen, and today the most important of the cameras of the smartphone

You can easily click on the portrait selfie, but if its
Speaking of processes and technologies, this is possible with a single mobile camera.
There was no

To make a portrait photo mode, click on at least two normal cameras.
Required From which foreground and background image processing
After that we can go to portrait photo click.

But thanks to artificial intelligence technology, Google has made it even better, so that an artificial intelligence camera can only click on a portrait photo.

Google Pixel Single Camera Portrait

What is the difference between AI Camera and a regular camera? That's right, then you
You will understand when you click on a photo in different situations from both cameras.

In low light photo:

If you click a photo in low light conditions from a normal camera, something similar will happen.

Normal camera: in low light. Photo from petapixel

If you click on this scene from an AI camera phone, you will see an image.

AI Camera: in low light photos from petapixel

Both images are pressed in low light, and there is no need to say who is better. Oppo R15 is a similar smartphone with an AI camera, on which there are several photos that he clicked.

Automatic color adjustment

From your camera, click on the photo to better click on your phone.
Many applications are installed, such as a beauty app, a photo brightness app, and
They make different kinds of photos from them.

But you still have the best brightness, shutter speed, contrast, etc.
There is no natural color combination, which is why your photo is very bright.
Or it will have more impact.

But if your phone has a camera powered by AI, the camera will adjust the color according to the automatic orientation or display hints about the appropriate settings so that you can click on the natural and better image.

List of the best phones with artificial intelligence in India:

Honor Play – It has long been on the smartphone market. It comes with an AI-powered front camera, which is a 16 megapixel camera and helps you shoot better in portrait, night, or any other situation.

Oppo Hril5 – This phone has just been released in January of this year, it has a 16 megapixel + 5 megapixel rear and 16 megapixel front camera. In this front camera you will also find artificial intelligence that makes it the best phone with a selfie camera.

Vivo v11 pro – This phone is smaller because of its camera, it was more popular due to the fingerprint display feature. This phone has a 25MP front camera, which is not a regular camera. This is a recommended camera.

The cheapest phones with the best camera in India, anyone can buy.

Https: // wwvk / 20l8 / l0 / top-5-BOW-PRAIS-FAON-20l8khtml

Bonus Tips

Friends, today's phone has a 12 megapixel, 16 megapixel, 20 megapixel or 24 megapixel camera.
See what happens. But still photos of some phones are better than other phones.
There is a reason for this is in the functions of the camera – a camera powered by AI
Features that improve camera setup and image processing are provided.
Helps both the phone and the user to create, so that each of the cameras in a situation
Better photos can be clicked, so if you have to buy a phone in the future
With the best camera you have to check if it works on AI or not.

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