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Alfa eBooks Manager Web Full available for free download from our software library. Efficient and reliable software application designed to help you manage your book collection, giving you titles, ratings and other general information.

The application has a simple interface and a clear layout that should be clear to all users.

As already mentioned, the program is ideal for book lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries that own a large number of e-books and have problems with their organization.

Alfa eBooks Manager automatically scans your computer for files and allows you to create a structured library of electronic books, supplemented with updated information about the titles in the collection.

Alfa eBooks Manager Web Download full version

Features Alfa eBooks Manager Web

All your books in one place
• Store electronic and printed books in the same electronic library. Group, filter and sort books by several parameters. Find any book in just a second by title, author or ISBN.

Catalog of any book information
• The book card contains a complete set of fields, including authors, genres, publisher, series, ISBN, date, price, etc. Download from You can also create tags and custom fields for entering any parameters of the book.

Customize the look of your e-library
• Choose the most appropriate library layout, scale and color scheme. Locate controls and library panels.

Scanning e-book metadata
• Automatically add a large number of e-books from your computer or external drive to the Alfa Ebooks Manager database. The program can extract ISBN, analyze metadata and create book covers. It will also find duplicates if the file already exists in the database.

Built-in e-book
• Alfa contains a built-in e-book reader program that supports most popular book formats. You can also read on mobile devices using the Web Reader.

Manage and play audiobooks
• Alfa allows you to easily manage and play audio books in mp3 and m4b format, which contain several files.

Book Update from the Internet
• Update book data from Google Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book sites. Combine book options from different sources. You can also upgrade multiple books at once.

Update images from Google Images
• With one click of the mouse, you can select book covers, photos of authors, publisher logos, etc. From Google Images.

View books in 3D
• Forget about static covers – now you can play with realistic 3D models of your favorite books.

Edit book metadata
• You can view and edit e-book metadata for most popular e-book formats, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, AZW, FB2.

Built-in file manager
• Rename (using a template), move, copy a large number of e-books using the built-in file manager. Organize book covers. Create ISO images.

Powerful search and filtering tools
• Use Instant Search to find a book, or a powerful Filter Builder to filter your library for any conditions.

E-book converter
• Convert e-books from one format to another. Most popular conversion directions are supported.

Manage e-books on your Kindle or other e-books
• Move files between your computer and e-book reader. Manage your e-library stored on your Kindle or other device for reading electronic books.

Web interface with web reader
• Access to your library and read books on your local network from any device via a web interface.

OPDS server and client
• Download e-books from OPDS publicly accessible directories. Create your own OPDS directory for devices on your local network.

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Title: Alfa eBooks Manager Web v8.1.7.3
Developer: Alfa NetSoft
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

– The official site does not provide any information about changes in this version.

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