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River: Ambiance Puzzle Mod

Have you ever thought about the afterlife? Will you come across anything on the other side? Or maybe only one big non-existence is waiting for you? 😨

Something that we cannot fully understand, something that remains a mystery to countless minds who are trying in vain to solve it. Does he continue on his way, even when your body dies? Perhaps for everyone there is a unique passage, an adventure that awaits his hero.

Explore your mind and life through a riddle river 🌊. Original works of art, stunning logic puzzles, impressively high-quality ambient music and much more to create an exquisite variety of puzzles for cross-river and cross-road. Get ready to explore a variety of logic puzzles, musical puzzles, visual puzzles and more!

Can you cross the river and solve all the obstacles of the riddle?

💡 Specifications
* 4 different seasons (trivial, visual, musical and logical)
* 24 unique puzzles.
* The stunning atmosphere of Slakker music.
* 3 logic puzzles, ending with rollers.
… and your brain clock works hard!

Now forget about all these typical and poorly thought-out puzzles and say YES to the original, unusually fun and teasing puzzle!

⭐️ Start the adventure across the river and get this logic puzzle now!

River: Ambiance Puzzle Apk