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Anatomy and physiology

Get anatomy and physiology and begin your step by step visual presentation of each system of the human body. This application for your Android phone and tablet uses 3D models, illustrations, and 3D animations to present the A & P basic concepts for students.

Conquer those complex anatomical topics! Put aside a textbook, laboratory samples or plastic 3D models and immerse yourself in an exciting 3D experience.
– Zoom in to see in real 3D how the nerves exit from the spinal cord and their connection to the vertebrae.
– Turn to examine the branches of the cranial nerves or microanatomy of the eye from all sides.
– View a 50-second 3D animation explaining the physiology of muscle contractions.

This application includes 12 modules with 50 chapters / modules that use more than 500 pre-installed 3D models, over 150 illustrations and animations, and hundreds of quiz questions.

In each of the 12 blocks of content, you can
– Rotate anatomical models. Zoom in or out.
– Read definitions and hear pronunciations.
– See short animations that explain the physiological processes.
– Learn by creating postcards. Favorite views for access later.
– Track your progress through the study of objective checklists.
– Test your knowledge with quizzes.
– Share content with others.

Anatomy and physiology represent the main functions of all body systems, including
Cells and tissues
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About visible body
Visible Body creates innovative, interactive 3D materials and applications on human anatomy and physiology. If you love the human body, you will love us! Doctors, professors, nurses and students are among the people who use our applications to make the study and teaching of anatomy and physiology visual and interesting. Over a million people have used our products. Founded in 1996, Visible Body also works as Argosy Publishing.

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Over 100 new microscopic images of body tissue!
Zoom and pan all images in full screen! One-touch enters full-screen mode, and double-tapping or compressing increases and decreases the scale.
And, as always, bug fixes, improvements and minor improvements.


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.argosy.vb.anatomyandphysiologyFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.
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