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Apex Launcher – a fast and beautiful launcher with many features for Android. Like many launchers, it contains chips and its own advantages: adjust the scroll effects on the desktop, programming movements, editing icons, and more.


  • All / Downloaded Tabs / Widgets in the application menu
  • Desktop lock (from adding old and new objects, like on GO Launcher EX)
  • Optional number of desktops and grids
  • On / Off screen orientation changes
  • Scroll live / off wallpaper
  • Google Bar On / Off
  • On / Off status bar
  • Display On / Off application name (desktop + application menu)
  • Add widgets from the application menu (must be installed as a system) or from the dialog on the desktop
  • Change the size of all widgets
  • Circular and elastic scrolling (desktop menu + application)
  • Many customization options
  • Adjustable dock (scroll and movement)
  • Special scroll indicator (desktop menu + application)
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Editing Icons
  • Sort application (name, date of installation, frequency of use)
  • Hide icons in the application menu
  • Saving / Restoring Settings
  • Motion control (sliding, etc.) Background / inactive transparency on the application menu
  • Improved folder support (number of icons, batch uploads, etc.)
  • Scrolling effect (desktop + application menu)