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AquaSnap Pro This is a lightweight tool designed to work more effectively when working with multiple application windows, in the sense that it automatically resizes and links them to the fields and corners of the screen. You can also download the latest version of WinSnap

Features of loading AquaSnap

Window tiles
• Sometimes splitting the desktop into two halves or quarters is not ideal.
If the two windows are next to each other, resize one of them by clicking [Ctrl] will also change the size of the other. This is a simple and powerful way to change the location of several tiled windows.

Snapping windows
• Do not waste space on your desktop; pixels are precious!
AquaSnap allows you to easily align the windows, causing them to behave like magnets. This simple feature is the cornerstone of AquaSnap and has been carefully designed to help you without disturbing you.

Stretching the window
• One click to win this free space on your screen!
This is another powerful way to quickly divide the space on the desktop between multiple windows. Double-click on the edge of the window to expand it in one direction. Perform the same action by pressing [Shift] maximize it vertically or horizontally.

Move windows together
• Easy to manage these small floating windows.
Professional applications with a complex user interface often scatter small tool windows on your desktop. Keep them grouped and move them all at once. Move one window by pressing [Ctrl] and the whole group of adjacent windows will follow.

Make a window by staying on top
• Need to keep track of a small window?
This is the best way to make this window always visible when working in a full-screen application. Shake the window to make it transparent and always on top. Shake it again to restore it to its normal state.

• Add new functionality for your windows.
Add non-essential features to every clickable window frame element and access all AquaSnap functions with one simple click. These shortcuts are also fully customizable. Thanks to 15 different activated areas, recognition of up to 5 mouse buttons and modifier keys, the possibilities are endless!

Name: AquaSnap Pro v1.23.7
Developer: Nurgo Software
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

– Fixed compatibility issue with Bloomberg terminal.
– Improved compatibility with the Steam client.

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