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Arclab Web Form Builder free download from our software library. HTML form creation software for Windows PCs, making it easy to create email contact forms and multi-page php forms Create HTML forms on your PC and upload them to your website.

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Features of Arclab Web Form Builder Download

Creating online forms for your site without coding
Design online contact forms, registration forms and other web forms using a visual environment without any coding or knowledge of php and HTML. Add the input elements required for your form and specify the data that will be entered by the user. Just click a button, and Arclab Web Form Builder will create the complete form code to process the submitted form data. The generated php script displays the form, sends the form data as e-mail, or inserts the data into the MySQL database.

Web Form Development Using the Visual Environment
Arclab Web Form Builder allows you to design all kinds of forms, from contact forms to complex multi-page forms. It includes all types of input elements that can be checked upon user input to help the user fill out the form correctly and avoid invalid data. The appearance of all form elements can be customized in accordance with the design of your site.

Add a file upload form element if the user must provide documents or images. Downloaded files can be attached to e-mail or inserted into the database. The program also contains hidden fields and logic elements for calculations and interactive forms. Use Google ReCaptcha v2, Invisible Captcha or the built-in captcha as a challenge-response test to make sure that the form was filled out by a person … and not by a bot.

Private and secure:

On your own site
Arclab Web Form Builder is a Windows PC software product, not an online service. You can create a web form on your local computer and complete the full form / data processing on your website. External hosting of forms is not required, and it allows an unlimited number of applications.
Another advantage is that a subscription is not required and there is no monthly fee for using the software. You purchase the software once (one-time payment) and you can create as many forms for your site as you wish. Professional web designers can use the "Developer Edition" to create forms for their customers' sites.

Title: Arclab Web Form Builder v5.0.20 Editions: Light, Pro, Developer
Developer: Arclab Software Technologies
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

– The official site does not provide any information about changes in this version

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