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Army men strike

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Time can change a lot, but not all. Go on a journey to your most precious childhood, continue your unfinished adventure and join this toy game!
Lead your green army soldiers, remote controlled airplanes, rubber ducks, transformers and many other toys to protect your bedroom, corridor, living room and backyard from invading the Angry Legion! To experience a great big war game!

Liliput Toy War:
• Build a headquarters in your bedroom, use your piggy bank as a treasure chest, transport resources with a small train, and collect metal with magnets. Each dish has its own unique function here!
• Fight enemies in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the bathroom! Beautiful and lively battlefields will make the war interesting and fun!

Grow your army:
• Design and assemble the latest strategic bomber to hit your enemies!
• Hire elite toys as heroes to lead your army, let the toy war begin!
• Improve and advance your soldiers of the green army, flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artillery units and many other troops of various types to teach the enemy a lesson!

Expand and destroy:
• Compete with real players for more territory, more power and higher prestige.
• Build fortifications to keep invaders at bay.

Strategy to win:
• Requires patience, thinking to play strategic games. Build and deploy your troops with heroes wisely. With a good strategy, you can defeat the enemy troops much more than yours in size!
• Outwit your enemy with intelligence and time, not brutal force.

Play with global players:
• Get to know your friends with the same interest and ambition that you have in the alliance.
• Compete or collaborate with other alliances. Diplomacy or war, it's up to you!
• Communicate with players from all over the world without barriers anytime and anywhere.

-We are waiting for you!-
Childhood is unforgettable, and a toy game is indispensable. Join us in the world of toys, and it will be the best place with your participation!


Version 2.97.0
#Battlefield Merging #
Battle events will be transferred to battlefields that have just been merged.
# New Event – Treasure Hunt #
A new corps is coming. Go search for treasure with your allies! Click Bonus> Treasure Hunt to check the details.
# New Battlefield Buff #
There are new buffs about Magic 8-Ball and Operation Warrior. Refer to the upcoming event announcement and the Battlefield buff interface for them.

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