Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker


Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker v13.12.01 Software Download

The Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an absolute must have for business professionals and also any individual who just wants to have a little fun with animated text and logo creation. This 3D animated software is designed to provide novice users with capabilities to create professional quality 3D graphics. As people become more familiar and comfortable with this software, they’ll breeze through image manipulation as if it was second nature.

Standard Features
There are many expected and standard features that come with the Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker. A template library comes standard and can be a starting place for a first design. Like many other programs, there’s also the ability to import and export various digital image formats.

Enhanced Libraries
Every graphic software download seems to have some sort of library available, however the Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker has an extensive graphics library. This library has text based and symbol icons that can easily be added to any image. In total you get right around 4000 shape additives, creating an endless supply of possibilities that you can play with.

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

7 Features of Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker v13.12.01.

  1. 3D Manipulation – Have complete control over shape, style and rotation.
  2.  Distortion Effects – Distort text and shapes to any degree.
  3.  Lighting Control – Add and increase lighting to any image.
  4.  Switch Styles – Choose any style that you want by selecting the image.
  5. Text Editing – Complete control over text, change one letter or entire words.
  6. 3D Graphics – multiple adding graphics, including added borders.
  7. 3D Template Library – Choose from multiple templates with 3D capabilities.

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