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Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro – now provides even greater speed of your hard disk thanks to new optimization algorithms and defragmentation technology at boot. The program increases the speed of access to files, which means that almost everything on your computer will work faster. "Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro" uses 4 different algorithms for intelligent file placement, your hard disk will always work at maximum speed. Use the wizard to determine the best defragmentation methods for your PC and decide which defragmentation algorithm to choose.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro not only defragments, but also can prevent further fragmentation, leaving free space after the specified files. For faster and safer defragmentation, you can configure the program to delete temporary files and check disks for errors. Limit the use of system resources by the defragmentation process when you are at the computer, or cancel any restrictions for faster defragmentation.

Increased disk speeds and health can now be easily monitored using detailed reports and performance charts. Now you can defragment every single file, including important system files that are usually blocked by Windows.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is no longer just a defragmenter, but a full-featured disk optimizer. And thanks to all the advanced disk optimization technologies, Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro remains extremely compact and even easier to use!

  • Offers a choice of 4 disk optimization algorithms
  • Defragment system files (MFT, paging file, hiberfil, etc.)
  • Not only defragments, but also prevents further fragmentation.
  • Uses special algorithms for SSD and VSS-compatible drives.
  • Shows detailed reports and performance graphs.

Features Auslogics Disk Defrag Download

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is designed to quickly optimize modern hard drives. Get maximum performance from your expensive hardware investment and save your time by defragmenting only the necessary files, rather than defragmenting the entire hard disk.

  • 4 optimization algorithms
    4 disk optimization algorithms are available for selection. Use the "Optimize Access Time" method if you want faster access to frequently used files. To speed up the loading of your system and application launch, use the Optimize by Prefetch Layout algorithm. If you just want to reduce further file fragmentation, select “Optimize by change time”. Finally, the “Optimize by disk zone” algorithm allows you to manually specify which file types or even individual files should be written to the faster part of the disk.
  • Autonomous defragmentation
    The new autonomous defragmentation mechanism allows you to defragment important system files that are usually locked and cannot be moved while Windows is running. Offline defragmentation is performed when the system boots before loading the operating system. It allows you to optimize the following system files: MFT files, paging file, Hybernation file and Windows registry files. Defragmenting system files will make your Windows more responsive, speed up system loading and overall performance.
  • Free space consolidation
    Use the Free Space Consolidation algorithm to significantly slow down file fragmentation. This optimization method combines free space on your disk into a large continuous block, which allows you to write new files without fragmentation. Please note that when free space is consolidated, the program also defragments files. But you can configure the program not to defrag files to speed up the consolidation process.
  • Advanced defragmentation algorithms
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro has defragmentation algorithms specifically designed for VSS and SSD drives. The VSS defragmentation algorithm is aimed at minimizing the growth of the VSS storage area caused by file movement during defragmentation. It also reduces the chance of overwriting previous VSS snapshots. The SSD defragmentation algorithm significantly reduces the number of write operations during defragmentation, which prolongs the life of the disk.
  • Comprehensive reports
    New detailed reports in the Professional version make it easy to track all operations performed by the program. You can view the degree of file fragmentation and free space, the size of the largest continuous block of free space available on your disk, and the number of files processed during each operation. You can also monitor your drive’s overall health and performance improvements with graphical charts. All reports can be viewed, printed and stored in a convenient format for you.
  • Resource management
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro allows you to easily control the load on system resources created by the defragmentation process. Limit the use of system resources by the program when you are at the computer, or remove all restrictions in order to defragment your disks faster. There are 4 predefined resource usage profiles you can choose from. In addition, you can create your own profile with specific restrictions on CPU and disk usage. You can also limit the start of the defragmentation process when the specified application is running or your laptop switches to battery power.
  • Defragment a single file or folder
    Sometimes it makes sense to defrag only frequently used files, rather than defragment the entire disk. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro can save you time by defragmenting only the files you need. This allows you to defragment one file, several files or the entire folder. This option is useful when certain files need to be defragmented to speed up the application and there is no need to defragment the entire hard disk.
  • List of fragmented files
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro lists all fragmented files after performing a disk analysis. Selecting a file from the list will highlight the location of its fragments on the cluster map. You can find the most fragmented files and their paths by sorting the list. The list also allows you to select files to defragment and files to add to the ignore list. All you need to do is right-click the file in the list and select the operation you want to perform.
  • Defrag Wizard
    With so many disk optimization algorithms and defragmentation options, how to choose the right one for your PC? Thanks to the Defrag Wizard, these are just a few simple clicks. All you need to do is to specify for what purposes you most often use a computer (at home, in the office, for games or as a server), how often you work with different types of documents and when your computer is turned on but not used. This information will help the program suggest optimization algorithms that will work for optimal disk and system performance.
  • Advanced Scheduler
    A wide range of scheduling options makes it easy to keep your hard drive in consistently good condition. You can configure the program to run at exactly the specified time or use the automatic defragmentation mode. The latter allows the program to defragment and optimize your disks in real time, ensuring that file fragmentation is eliminated as soon as it happens. And thanks to adjustable resource limits, none of the scheduled tasks will bother you while you are working or playing on your computer.

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