Baseball 9



Baseball 9

Enjoy dynamic, realistic baseball game with compact gameplay and informative statistics.

Play BASEBALL NINE to become the Legend League Champion!

★ Game Features
– Thrifty and fast gameplay!
– Random characters and serious game mechanics!
– Throw and throw the ball as fun as a batting!
– You can play the running base manually!
– Complete player statistics!
– Improved autorun with selective player automation, feed, view and quick results.
– Rename, customize and customize your players!
– Offline available!

★ Quick, compact gameplay!
– Enjoy a fast, optimized gaming experience.
– Hit the massive players and get thrilling hits.
– Specialized auto functions for the game, for inning and for the player are given!

★ Enjoy realistic baseball!
– Experience the game with realistic baseball rules.
– Simulate results based on actual game statistics.

★ Hire and grow your list!
– Hire players and develop them, increasing the statistics of your choice.
– Equip and improve skills to develop them into specialists.
– Raise the levels of players to turn them into a hall of fame.

★ Customize your players!
– Rename them and set them as left-handers or right-handers beat or jugs.
– Change their faces, select body types and select various batting and pitching movements.
– Try to equip a number of bats, gloves and glasses to customize your players in unique ways.

★ Manage your team and get promoted to the big leagues!
– Rename your team and change its logo and form.
– Expand to new stadiums and manage team cumulative statistics.
– Go to the postseason and win for promotion to the big leagues.

★ supports tablets.


Added player setup
Added player shape setting
Added accessories for players
Added new stadium
Error correction

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