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A card battle in which you collect stunning cards from various decks, build competitive decks and fight opponents in an exciting campaign in real wilderness conditions. Unique in the sense that it replaced the typical turn-based mechanism of card games with an interesting real-time system. Keeping you in good shape, you will surely provide an interesting gameplay, both for beginners in the genre, and for an experienced player CCG / TCG. Unleash your powerful creature sets on your pathetic foes and train your creatures to unlock magic features and abilities, providing an intense experience that you never thought a collectible card game (CCG) could. Share cards with friends to improve your deck (TCG).

The game will send you on a journey through a fantastic map of the virtual world, where you will meet new enemies, defeat them and make them fight for you. Compete in different game modes and prove your skills against the card decks of other players from around the world. Raise your fame on global leaderboards, where thousands of other players are waiting for you to be defeated or be defeated. Become the hero of the number one card in the world, the leader of the deck!

Easy to learn, hard to master. More truly: difficult, but not difficult. You may have heard all this before, but this game produces results where others fail. No steep learning curves, no complicated mechanics, enough depth and complexity to keep you busy for hours. The refined game mechanics and beautiful graphics, on which you did not know what your device is capable of, will complement the impressions of the card game and will shock you.

* A huge single player campaign that will become your main source of new maps
* Over 60 unique creature cards, lots of cool cards
* Compete in real time, forget about step by step TCG / CCG
* Three game modes that allow you to fight with AI and other players
* A generous reward system provides various sets of cards and several game currencies.
* Update your cards and unlock special features and abilities that make them even stronger
* Global leaderboards that challenge you to compete with top players around the world
* Features special social features for connecting and sharing cards with friends
* The usual, rare, epic and legendary card types all provide a unique experience.
* The world is yours to take …


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