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evolution going on. The long-awaited sequel to the popular sci-fi game is out! He tells you the story of the universe of Utopia from a different angle.

The second episode reproduces the unique atmosphere of Evolution, which millions of players have loved. Gameplay Evolution 2 has changed dramatically, becoming an intense mix of third-person shooter, action, strategy and RPG!

An exciting story will surprise you with completely unexpected twists and turns!

Location: Planet Utopia. The galactic resort of billionaires once turned into a living hell, obsessed with ruthless marauders, monsters and combat robots. There is a merciless war.

An endless battle awaits! Fight powerful weapons, use the psi-energy of Captain Blake, the main character of the game. His superpowers are the result of a dangerous experiment, and he is ready to bring them down on any enemy under your command!

Unique fantastic setting. Space post-apocalyptic action-biopunk on a distant planet.

A unique balance of genres. Combination of strategy, role-playing games and top-down shooters with the original combat system.

Tactical gameplay. Upgrade your character and his companion, choose the most effective weapon and abuse the weaknesses of your enemies.

Attracting PvE campaigns. Many missions and epic bosses. Your enemies are getting stronger from battle to battle.

Co-op mode. Summon your faithful allies and complete missions shoulder to shoulder with other players.

Online battles. Battle in full online multiplayer mode. Win top positions in the ranking and get unique bonuses for your victories!

The Armory of the Future. Fantastic weapons with unique statistics and a system of improvements! This is not only the good old firearms! Enjoy energy, acid and bionic guns!

Update your database: unlock new rooms and explore the technology of the future! Evolution without borders!

Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animation Give full immersion!

Your base has everything to start the battle. It is time to deal with utopia, captain!


Captains, get acquainted with the latest versions of the latest version:
– Tournaments – a new regular PvP event in which you need to attack enemy bases.
– By participating in tournaments, you can get modifications for your helicopter and missile defense, as well as new acid weapons: the Chimera assault rifle and the Chimera sniper rifle!
– New side mission
– A number of other innovations, improvements and fixes!


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. " "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.