Combat instinct


Combat instinct

Unleash your combat instinct in this new Battle Royale game.

You are ready? Your goal is simple: pick a landing zone and look around. You will find the gun quite easily. Do not forget a bulletproof vest and grenades. Watch out – there are 24 armed killers with you. And none of them wants to die. At least not today.

Search the buildings carefully – inside you can find all types of weapons and ammunition. Take the height on the roofs of houses, wait in the bushes and fight for the drops – there are a lot of interesting things. And stay frosty, soldier – death comes on your heels!

Key feature:

1. Battle Instinct makes the Battle Royale concept even more interesting by adding RPG elements. Choose three unique perks before each battle to gain an edge.

2. Your appearance now affects the gameplay. Each of the seven battle suits enhances your character with one or more perks.

3. 3D-map, modern 3D-graphics and intuitive mobile controls allow you to confidently fight in death games for 25 players.


– Add achievements
– guided parachute


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  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.Deuscraft.BattleInstinctFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.

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