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Bid Wars - Modification of Auctions

The biggest risks always lead to the biggest payouts, but only a few brave ones will become a tycoon in data storage gambling! Go to the world of high rates at garage auctions, manage your own pawnshop and build your reputation as the smartest and fastest bidder! Use your strategy to maximize your profits with the lowest bid! Can you take the risk and become the biggest winner? Go once, go twice … Sold to the very first person to get rich in this cash game simulator!

Enjoy trading in one of the best cash games. Bet in bet wars, and let the dollars fall on you in the best games for money! Think in advance about other participants and players, manage your money, develop a plan for betting on games and buy and sell your treasures! Only the smartest player will turn into a famous tycoon or billionaire thanks to the bids and auctions in this hit among the games "get rich"!

Are you ready to spend thousands of dollars in your race to become a rich bidder, an auction star and the richest pawnshop owner? Create your own pawnshop empire and become a millionaire!


– MEET your opponents in exciting auctions with your gambling strategy! Time is money in warehouse games, you have only a few minutes to make a decision: use your intuition and be faster than your rivals! Wisely invest your money and become the best auction mogul!

– COLLECT hundreds of items from different warehouses or containers: you can get everything from old basketballs to rare antiques and even alien artifacts! Sell ​​them at your pawn shop and get paid to keep stakes and wars!

– PROFIT from your pawnshop, good luck in choosing and receiving an invitation to the most exclusive auction of lots in many different cities! Earn money from your victory in this vault war game!

– Become the richest tycoon and challenge the legendary players to show them that no one can beat you at auction and in warehouse games! Fight your rivals in fierce container wars and win the most profitable warehouse!

-POT with opponents in this money-making game simulator Get a good deal or maybe lose your race to become a millionaire by competing with other dealers and collectors!

-SHOKK auctioneer with your bids and bids! Set your profit strategy in this simulation and buy the best store! Bet with your friends, who will be the kings of auctions and tycoons in the most exciting games to get rich and make money!

– Bid on the auction and push other buyers to the limit with the help of games with the mind and money! Act like a real rich tycoon and do not feel sorry for other billionaire players!

You never know what precious antiques you sell in this pawnshop game or what incredible treasures can be hidden behind these vault doors. Each of them is a chance to earn a lot of money in rich games and declare yourself as a profit leader in one of the best strategy games! Maximize your earnings and win wars for bets in these free games!

Earn money, get rich games, warehouse games or games in a pawnshop: call it what you want, and you will get a lot of fun "

Find and buy the perfect storage in this simulation of warehouse and cash games, better than in many strategy games! Get ready for rate wars and become a rich millionaire in this app auction!

Please note that this pawnshop and idle business simulator from Tapps Games can be played for free, but there are items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and additions mentioned in the description of the garage wars and auction games can also be purchased for real money.

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