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Outside the world of our world live tiny furry creatures called blackiesThey never give up and always strive for self-improvement. They value logical thinking and ingenuity above all.
Blacks can always find a place in their lives for a good riddle. In a sense, the Blacks life is a mystery. Whatever they think, whatever they dream, they always strictly adhere to the rules of their game:

Rule number 1: jump over a neighbor
Rule number 2: only one Blackie will remain

And every time they start the game, the Blackies start jumping on each other recklessly, each hoping that they will remain on the field with a flag.
Solving one puzzle after another, the Blackies develop their logical abilities and enrich collective intelligence. Why do they need it? Can they have some kind of plan? It's hard to say, but who knows what they might mean?

New game mode: Siberian Adventure

Immerse yourself in the classic "3 in a row" gameplay with cute Blackies. Save them from the snow and collect gold and precious stones! Over 500 levels.


New mini-game!

New levels!


Unlimited coins
Unlimited time
Unlimited tips
Unlimited picks
Without advertising

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