BootIt Bare MetalBootIt Bare Metal is a powerful partitioning and disk management software that provides you with an advanced set of tools for easy disk partition management. With this software, you can change boot options and manage partitions, install and load multiple operating systems, create backup copies and restore partitions or even entire disks and much more. BootIt BM Offers a new, easier and faster way to change boot options and manage partitions. As we know, changing boot parameters and managing partitions are tasks that require a bit of experience. These things are very sensitive to action and can cause damage to the system if mishandled.

TeraByte Unlimited BootIt Bare Metal designed to provide the necessary functionality for some tasks related to the hard disk, with a simple, practical and powerful interface for changing partitions, boot parameters and much more. With extensive support including MBR, EMBR, and GPT, it allows you to work with almost any type of disk with a variety of disk formats, including NTFS, FAT32, FAT, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4. The software has excellent features for creating a disk image, as well as creating full backups and data recovery.

Key feature:

  • Choose any section to download and more.
  • Compatible with all Windows (AMD64 / EM64T)
  • Convert disk types from MBR or EMBR to GPT
  • Backup and restore data (restore)
  • Create, copy, delete and restore partitions
  • Defines operating systems automatically.
  • Direct support for PATA / SATA (AHCI) drives
  • Enforce standards for aligning Windows partitions.
  • Explore and modify the OS configuration files
  • Fully supports NTFS, FAT and Ext partitions.
  • Change boot options and manage partitions
  • Resizing partitions without deleting data
  • Supports hard drives more than 16 exabytes, etc.
  • And much more.

What's new in BootIt Bare Metal 1.55:

  • New option and security style links
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

BootIt Bare Metal 1.55 Full Keygen

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BootIt Bare Metal

Minimum requirements:

  • Computer with reasonable speed
  • 16 MB of RAM (memory)
  • Display Video Adapter (VGA)
  • Floppy drive, cd / dvd or usb

How to install / activate:

  • Extract and run the program for the first time.
  • Create bootable media for a BootIt or DOS image
  • Use this Keygen to generate license keys