Brainzzz 2.2.7 Apk + Mod Coins for Android – Is Here!

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Brainzzz This is a collection of classic little games with thousands of levels of varying difficulty, which includes OneLine, Flow, Sudoku, ColorFill, Maze, Jigsaw and other puzzles. This is a game lobby that will bring you pleasure and relaxation.

Brainzzz invites you to participate:

One line
Classic touches, slide to the end of the game adaptation, simple and complex mix, you can only draw graphics with your fingers.

Difficult gameplay using a line to connect two cubes
You are waiting for more than 500 levels!

Riddle with animals
Animal theme, with over 400 different animal versions, you need to complete the animal combination according to the outline of the puzzle. Come and challenge.

Amazing block play, just move the block and fill the map, you can challenge the high goals, come with me!

What you need to do is get out of the terrible maze and reach the goal without hitting the wall.

You need to unwind the tubes to the desired angle and connect the tubes of the same color to find a way out.

Do not be deceived by pretty eyes. Try to find a solution to fill the entire chessboard.

The smartest people in the world should play sudoku. Sudoku can explore not only the ability to distinguish and order numbers, but also spatial ability. Easy to play. Let's experience the charm of numbers together.

More interesting games will appear online very soon.
Thousands of new levels and gameplay in the design.

Challenge the various difficulties
Each game has at least 8 levels of difficulty, from beginner to master level, awaiting your ordeal.

Whatever good ideas and comments would be welcome.


1. Optimize experience
2. Fix some bugs