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The pre-civilization stone age and the pre-civilization bronze age are two classic games published in 2013. Both have received rave reviews from gamers from around the world. In recent years, gamers have played them more than twenty million times, built more than one hundred and sixty million buildings, withstood more than four hundred million raids, and extracted more than eighty trillion resources. You can be one of them right now!

Choose a start date – either 4 000 000 BC. (Stone Age) or 6000 BC. (Bronze Age) – and bring your people to prosperity!

Key features highlighted by our fans:

* Addictive gameplay

Simple and easy to use resource manager with over 30 events. Ice Age, natural disasters, enemy raids, wars, nomads, changes in the ruling dynasty, religious leaders and popular uprisings – all this will be written in the history of the ascension of your people. And if you are looking for a challenge, you can try our new survival mode against increasingly powerful enemies.

* Detailed reconstruction of the history

A study of more than 60 technologies, from mastering fire to establishing laws, will immerse you in the background of each period. You can build over 20 historic buildings built on the basis of the architecture of the ancient world. And when you play in the Stone Age campaign, you can track the evolution of humanity from Australopithecus to reasonable man.


* The game was moved from Flash to Unity. This makes the game more stable and compatible with the latest OS versions.
* Added new localization: Chinese, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Indonesian and Hindi.
* Fixed many bugs in the English, Russian, Spanish and Turkish versions.
* Dozens of bugs have been fixed.
* We made some minor improvements and balance adjustments.
* Privacy policy added.