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Bulk Image Downloader Full Download

Bulk Image Downloader available for free download from our software library. This application is specifically designed to help you upload large photo galleries with one click and just a few settings.

The great thing about this tool is not necessarily the fact that it can do a great job with online image galleries, but that it supports video, which means that you no longer need to use special software solutions.

Using Bulk Image Downloader is quite simple, because the application relies on a rather user-friendly interface, which makes the whole procedure quite simple.

You must configure only the URL of the image or video gallery, as well as the output folder. In addition, you can also record a page header, generate a file name, or automatically overwrite existing files.

Bulk Image Downloader must first scan the link provided to show you the images that it can download, and give you the opportunity to either get only the photos you have selected manually, or get them all at once.

Obviously, the download speed depends on your Internet connection, but in our test it went pretty quickly, without errors.

If you are interested in supported websites and the like, you will be pleased to know that Bulk Image Downloader is designed to work with the most popular image services on the Internet. It can also extract photo galleries from almost any link if there are photos and / or videos on the other end.

In general, Bulk Image Downloader is a good choice for any user who needs to quickly and easily get photos and videos from the Internet.

Bulk Image Downloader Full Version

Features Bulk Image Downloader Full

  • Loads entire image galleries automatically (no longer need to endlessly right-click to “save image as …”)
  • Integrates with IE, FireFox and Opera. Simply right-click the gallery page or the gallery link and select "Download using Bulk Image Downloader."
  • Download from video sites like Google Video, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MegaVideo
  • Downloads video files with icons (.mpg, .avi, .mov, etc.)
  • Does not require complex configuration or project files – it just works
  • Works on sites that other image downloaders do not
  • Automatically finds and loads images whose true location was hidden using redirection “services” such as usercash, linkbucks, etc.
  • Saves time – galleries load as fast as your connection allows
  • Saves bandwidth – ads and pop-ups do not load, only images
  • Checks and automatically repeats partial or damaged images, resuming downloads where possible
  • Automatically detects and loads from most multi-page forum topics and galleries
  • Downloads vbulletin forum attachments
  • Several gallery download jobs can be queued and uploaded later through the built-in queue manager
Title: Bulk Image Downloader v5.36.0.0
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

Flickr support updated. If you use the BID to download from flickr, please read the following:
– The flickr BID API key used in previous versions of the BID has been disabled by flickr due to too many API calls per second and for uploading images marked as "inaccessible for download" by the owner. This means that older BID versions (5.35 and lower) will no longer work with flickr.
– Please use the “Login to Flickr” function to link your Flickr account to the BID (Ctrl + Alt + F), since any previous links are no longer valid. Linking your Flickr account to a BID will allow the BID to access all of the images that your account has access to. If you do not link your account, the BID will only be able to access publicly available images.
– BID no longer allows you to upload images marked as “inaccessible for download” (if the images do not belong to you). In such cases, the status of the image will be displayed as "downloading from flickr is prohibited."
– Some delays and restrictions now apply:
– For registered (paid) BID versions:
– No more than 5 simultaneous downloads when booting from flickr
– Added 1 second delay between each flickr API function call.
– For unregistered (trial) versions of BID:
– Only 1 download at a time when downloading from Flickr
– add 1 second delay between each flickr API function call

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