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Mod Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet hellish shooter
– Enjoy the authentic machine gun on your smartphone!
– Recommended chapter mode for beginners danmaku.
– Recommended test mode for the danmaku expert.
– Huge content: more than 50 stages!

Upgrade your ship
– Use the points you earned after passing the stage to raise the level of your ship!
– Put your new and upgraded ship into test mode! Aim for high marks!

– Best suited for introducing bullets into hell!
– Starting from the easy stage, so you can gradually improve your skills!
– Clear the missions set for you in each chapter!
– Clearing missions opens up new stages!
– Use the glasses that you get in chapter mode to upgrade your ship!

– Test mode for when you really want to test your character!
– Upgrade your ship and take this mode!
– Choose from EASY, NORMAL, TOUGH and SKY difficulties!
– Check the limits of your skill!

– Endless mode that lasts forever.
– How long can you survive in increasing difficulty?

Aim for the top slot in the ranking!
– Test mode has an online rating!
– Try to go against your friends for the best result!
– Ratings sorted by stages and difficulty!
– Try to improve your favorite stage or beat all the ratings!

*** Attention return of purchased goods ***
Please be careful. If you return the full update item, the corresponding item level will rise to the initial level.

– Can I transfer my game data to a new device?

– Can I recover my purchases on my new device?
You can restore your purchases using the same google account.
Please press the “GET” or “RECOVER” button, which is displayed instead of the price on the purchase screen.

– Can I synchronize my game data with other devices?

– The purchased item has gone or is not reflected.
Please try the following URL steps. If the purchase information is restored normally, you can restore it by pressing the “GET” or “RESTORE” button, which is displayed instead of the price on the game screen.


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