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Internet needs are certainly something that we can no longer negotiate. Yes, we can get everything from the internet, from information, images to creations, music, videos, almost all the entertainment we can get on the internet. To support internet activities, we certainly need a good internet provider. The better the provider, the better the network, the signal is in order and the internet speed is stable. This good state is being tested by several providers in Indonesia, of which one is 3. 3 or read Tri, a credit-based internet provider and data package. The price of package 3 is indeed cheaper than that of its competitors, which makes it quite attractive. Yups, it is indeed an important principle that as long as the internet in Indonesia is not free, we have to selectively search for internet providers that are of good quality, but the price is also skewed.

But not to be surpassed by 3 other internet providers with the best prices for the best internet packages also compete. But alas, again, the orientation of our society is to search for the lowest price on the internet, although on the one hand it has to sacrifice the quality of the selected internet. Cheap internet packages are still a basic need of the population of Indonesia. Finally, we see how many providers compete to offer cheap Internet packages via massive ads, both on street billboards and even on TV ads.

Again, this is reasonable given the characteristics of our society whose purchasing power is indeed limited. On the one hand, we benefit, on the other hand, we also have to be careful when looking at this cheap package, do not fall into the trap, because this often happens.

Okay, now, if you’ve managed to get the internet service provider you want, what next steps should you take? Hmmm, if there are many choices, but you can try at least some activities on the internet that are more interesting and useful than just online Instagram and Facebook for a whole day.

Yes, there are many interesting websites to visit with your internet data package, some sites can develop your creativity, others can support your literacy needs with their good writing content. Yes, the internet is not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. How come? There are many more things that you can do.

Which two unique websites can you visit to improve your internet experience? Come on, follow the discussion below.


52 Aussie Startup logo & # 39; s from 2013!

Do you know the Canva application or website? You can use Canva to design different types of invitations, posters, book covers and the like. Yes, Canva really helps you to solve a lot of visual work that you did not have time for in Photoshop. He must be done in a certain way onlineThat is why you need an internet connection that is good enough to work on the Canva design, hey.


Scribd - Read subscription - Android apps on Google Play

If you are a student, you visit Scribd quite often. Yes, many important documents that are related to science are uploaded here. You are indeed encouraged to use Scribd to search for first references for all types of your research. Data that are quite complete in Scribd will really help you to find different interesting sources and you will certainly need a good internet connection.