bxActions Bixby Button Remapper 5.23 build 339 Apk for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019

With bxActions you can easily remap bixby button on any action or application that you like! Use the bixby button turn off the sound of the phone, take a screenshot, turn on the flashlight or take calls with one click!

You can also turn off the Bixby button if you want.
If you wish, you can remap the volume buttons to Skip tracks when you listen to music or whatever you want!

Reassign the Bixby button as you like!

• Double and long press supported!
• Reassign Bixby button!
• Reassign the volume buttons!
• answer calls using the Bixby button
• Turn on the flashlight with the Bixby button.
• Disable Bixby button
• Skip tracks using volume buttons
• High performance! No lags!
• No annoying ads

• Turn on the flashlight
• take a screenshot
• Turn off the phone
• To answer phone calls
• Launch Google Assistant
• Start the camera or any other application.
• View the latest application.
• Disable Bixby button
• 35+ actions

• Currently the application runs on Android Oreo, Pie and Bixby Voice 1.0 – 2.0.
• Samsung may block this application with future updates!
• Please check bxActions compatibility before updating Bixby or phone software!

"Bixby" is a registered trademark of "SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS"


• More optimizations for S10
• Screen on / off faster now
• Updated translations
• Improved stability
• Bug fixes and optimizations.