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Candies Cur n Curses Mod

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Play as Molly Pop, battling hordes of charming ghosts in a winding mansion that is always haunted by the Phantom King! Strengthen Molly with new flashlights and abilities as you level up – and unite with ghost puppies and other spectral creatures while you work together to clear the mansion from his eagerness for evil!


– Evaporation of ghosts with a variety of different upgradeable flashlights; from damn lanterns to magic swords, each lantern plays in its own way!

– Need an advantage to help overcome the difficult phase? Players can equip the Pendants with their flashlights, enhancing Molly with many different abilities and boosts! Some charms even give Molly companions to help her in her adventure!

– At the end of the stage, players can choose from a randomized set of candies and curses that will provide permanent bonuses to strength until the end of this race. Will you restore all your hearts in the hope of holding out longer until untimely death? Or will you sacrifice protection for maximum power? The choice is yours!

– Visit 6 different districts of the Ghost King mansion, each of which is teeming with various dangerous ghosts and ghouls. And get ready to meet the mighty boss at the end of each stage!

– Participate in daily competitions that offer various rewards!

– Enjoy beautiful, hand-created pixel graphics with smooth animation that exudes ghostly charm

Control: Control Molly, swiping across the screen. Molly runs in one direction automatically, and by swiping her finger left or right, she changes direction. Swiping up or down will make her jump between floors. Some lights that you can use offer slightly different control schemes.


Release Notes:

Return to the Ghost King's mansion in the new Curse Crusher add-on – a great new update of the Candies n ’Curses game with new evaporating enemies, powerful bosses for killing and a whole bunch of new flashlights, spells, sweets and curses to collect! With a minty soul in our hands, our young hero Molly Pop is again plunging into an eerie estate to free their tenants from their damnable fate. Does she have what is required?

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