Castle Burn - RTS Revolution
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Castle Burn - RTS Revolution

Welcome to the world of Castle Burn, a real-time strategy game located in a fantasy country where you fight others in a PvP battle! Do you want magic, towers, vikings and dragons? We have all! Bring your heroes to victory and burn the castles of your rivals!

In Castle Burn, you will become the master of your own army and lead your troops into battle against others in the Corona League. Build camps and mana shrines, expanding your territory, and use all the cards in your hand to destroy those who stand between you and the crown! You say you have never played such games before? Not to worry! Anyone can come out on top in the league and claim the throne on their own!

Collect your deck in real time! After adding a unit map to your deck, you can deploy the corresponding unit to the battlefield. Tower maps can be used to build towers that will defend against incoming opponents, and spell cards can be used to throw an enemy on a loop! Adapt your real-time strategy to overthrow the enemy and become a winner!

Expand your strategic opportunities by improving the level of your castle! As soon as you add the second and fourth cards to your deck, the upgrade of your castle will begin, and you will be able to add even higher level cards to destroy your opponents!

Use your hero to turn the tide of battle in your favor! Each character has unique skills that increase in strength each time your castle is updated. Although the heroes are already strong in their own right, they really shine when used with other units. Examine the specific attributes of each character so that you can better use your own, while at the same time it is easier to defeat the enemy hero!

Track down your enemy in the fog! Card reconnaissance is needed to prepare yourself for enemy attacks. You can use the Return command to summon your units and hero back to your castle. The units will return some of the cost used to deploy them, and the heroes will begin to restore HP. You can always cancel the return of your units before they reach the castle, so do not be afraid to use it to ensure the safety of your army during reconnaissance.

Win ranking matches to go to the big leagues! As you do, you get Crown Points, as well as new maps and cards! At the end of each season, you will receive rewards depending on which league you are in. If you ever think you need to train more, you can always join random matches where you won’t lose Crown points, or try some AI games.

Complete quests to get a deck of cards! Numerous quests are available to satisfy even the most ambitious players! You can also get a deck of cards, winning rating matches, so try to replenish your collection and raise the level of your cards!

Watch your war log! Your latest entries are saved in the “Battle Records” menu. You can watch replays to learn opponents strategies and come up with ideas for your next battle. You can also view the battle records of the top 100 players and other players in your league through the Ratings menu. Develop advanced strategies, making notes about what others are good at, and evaluating your own results!

Look for Castle Burn on social networks! You can watch past broadcasts from one of our developers, a former progamer, or you can share your battles on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Everyplay! Show your friends some of your most victorious victories!

* Access to external storage for read / write (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
: Used to save a file of related games and play saved videos / screenshots.

* Access Authorization Microphone (RECORD_AUDIO)
: Used to record and play video in the application.

In the game, select "Mail"> "Request"> "Select a category"> "Write a message"> "Send".

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Immerse yourself in the amazingly simple action of the RTS!
Now for the first time with the image of the skins of heroes, skins of castles and emoticons!
1. Added heroes' skins, castle skins and emoticons!
2. The new artifact "Guardian Spirits" is available as a preliminary version of the map.
3. Paladin, Builder's Hammer and Bloodgem Ring cards have been officially released!
4. Novice League has been completely redesigned!
5. Combat balance and combat rules have been updated!

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