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Chronicle is the elimination of financial surprises. Here are some of the ways in which the Chronicle saves you time and money (and also reduces stress):

– Never forget an account
With notifications and upcoming accounts in the menu bar and notification center, the Chronicle will always keep you updated.

– Cost plan
Viewing the forecast shows upcoming bills for several months.

– Know how much to save
The Amount-to-Save function calculates how much you should save each month for invoices that are repeated less frequently, for example, an annual insurance account or car registration.

– eliminate surprises
The intellectual function “Estimated Amount to Pay” allows you to estimate how much should be on bills that differ, for example, on credit cards or utilities, using the payment history and time of year.

– Eliminate billing and invoice tracking issues
Pay bills online and register them in a matter of seconds using the Chronicle's built-in browser, and store confirmation of all your payments, including storage of receipts.

If you pay bills, you need a chronicle. It gives you peace of mind and control over your financial future. One overdue payment can damage your credit score, leading to higher interest rates and denials of credit, in other words, completely affecting your financial life. With the help of Chronicle you can be sure that this will never happen.

In addition, the Chronicle can be synchronized with the available version of iOS, so you will always have your accounts anywhere.

MACWORLD gives Chronicle 4.5 out of 5 mice: “Chronicle is one of the most attractive financial applications available for Mac. It is easy to use and convenient for the eyes, and it is worth finding in any parking lot. ”

With iCloud, you can sync Chronicle data with multiple Mac, iPhone and iPad computers. More information below: http://chronicleapp.com/support/sync

Watch the quick start video on the website