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Lead your team of Gladiators in the epic war against the empire in the best strategic game. Build your strategy in battle and kill the enemy from all sides. The face of unlimited action in online events. Fill your arsenal with killer weapons, upgrade and train your Gladiator troop with unique combat skills. Do you accept the challenge?


– Experience an epic game in IMPERIUM CLAN BATTLES mode. Clans will fight for the dominance of the colossums on an exciting map. Will your clan win and draw the attention of the gods? Defeat your enemies and achieve eternal glory!

– Experience a new strategy. Join the heroes and command this war like a real gladiator. Take your weapon and hit the enemies with powerful swords, axes, spears and combat hammers. Free your rage from the enemies in the war!

– HD graphics with VARIOUS AREAS and ENVIRONMENT, as well as a detailed map of the world, allowing you to cope with the amazing tasks of the mission. Prize chests filled with treasures, resources and stunning new weapons and armor for your gladiators

– Become a real veteran of the gladiator in the mode of multiplayer PVP events. Fight a dynamic challenge with NON-STOP ACTION against other gladiator assassins. Continuous battles with the best strategy and turn-based command tactics of the game.

– supply yourself with a huge army. You have never seen such realistic weapons in a combat game: swords, spears, axes, combat hammers, daggers, shields, helmets, medallions, armbands … feel like a real ancient Roman gladiator!

– Fight the battlefield from the arena in the front row. Compete among your fighters in REAL TIME and find the perfect combination to win the war in the final strategy and fighting game.

– Take time to build and launch a SUCCESS CLAN with your friends, educated gladiators: sword and shield, two-handed sword, spear thrower and double weapons … CREATE POWERFUL ALLIANCES!

– Unlock EPIC STATUS to increase your legion of gladiators.

– Build your own city and defend your base from enemies in MULTI-USAGE: LEAGUE HEROES.

– Training increases the strength of the gladiators. DEVELOP YOUR TEAM!

In clan wars, your legion of gladiators captures arenas over the empire, receiving valuable resources and prizes from their strongholds.

Organize your squad of warriors and go on a journey to the battlefield, where you will fight in the biggest war that the ancient kingdom has ever seen. Develop your empire, as the fate of your civilization depends on its success. Do not let your clan fall into the hands of your enemies!

In Gladiator Heroes you will be a hero who leads a squad of fighters in besieged cities, deserts, jungles and frozen fields, captured by hordes of enemies, and defeats all sorts of opponents in a war game with the best weapons and best gameplay on store.

The ultimate war experience. Use active and passive skills to eliminate competitors. Stop your enemies from dominating the battlefield in a better strategic game!

As the leader of your growing empire, you will encounter rival armies. Take control of the battlefield and become a legend of war in the most exciting multiplayer game.

– Difficult multiplayer mode. Fight with real players and lead the world rankings.

– Experience this unique strategy game. Destroy your enemies with powerful weapons and your well-assembled team of heroes!

– Improve the skills and abilities of each member of your group: make them faster, stronger, more deadly. Equip them with the best weapons. Develop your squad and lead them to victory.


Can you destroy all enemies in this bloody war? Welcome to the ROMAN EMPIRE. Welcome to GLADIATOR HEROES.

Gladiator Heroes is a free strategy game, but you will have the opportunity to buy some items in the game in exchange for real money. If you prefer not to use this feature, disable in-app purchases in the settings of your mobile device.


We continue to work on improving the performance of Gladiator Heroes Clash:
– New "Clan Chest": Win weekly matches of tournaments with your clan comrades to get a weekly reward for your entire clan!
– Added the event "Anniversary", including a new type of items with "features" (special effects that can work when hit).
– Added 10 new missions to the world map (path 15).



  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.generagames.gladiatorheroesFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.