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An easy-to-use device for reading electronic books with tabs, equipped with a library shelf, supports popular formats of electronic books, such as PDF, EPUB (without DRM), CHM, MOBI, FB2 and comics (CBR, CBZ). You can make annotations, insert bookmarks and search, as well as access your notes, bookmarks and book collections on multiple devices.

What is special about the Clearview reader?

• Simple and intuitive book management.

Simply drag and drop e-book folders from the search and put them on the Clearview shelf, all the information about the files will be quickly imported into the library, and then you can easily view, search and read books from the shelf. Working together with folders and book collections, you will find that organizing books is such an easy task.
– The cover of the stream preview books.
– Drag from the library or finder to build a collection of books.
– Ability to edit meta-information and change the cover of the book.

• Tabbed style window makes reading smooth and efficient.

With several related books organized in one window, you do not need to search and switch between the windows of books everywhere. Moreover, with the shelf tab and book file tabs located in one window, it is very easy to view and read.
– Restore multiple closed tabs;

• Powerful search capabilities.

You can quickly find a book by file name, content, author, title or publisher.
You can also search for specific texts in the book.
– Sort search results by page or rank.

• Supports popular book formats, PDF, EPUB, CHM, MOBI (azw, azw3), FB2 and CBR (CBZ), with almost the same reading experience.

– Display thumbnails of book pages.
– Color of the theme page of the book (Normal, Sepia, Night time);
– Customize text fonts (size, line height and font family).
– Print support for all book formats;

• Each of the 4 book formats can be presented in four reading formats. Page shift or continuous scrolling, one page or two columns.
– set the page field;

Yes, you can read EPUB, MOBI or CHM books, for example, books in PDF format in continuous mode, quickly scrolling through pages, you do not need to turn the page and page, and you do not need to stop to go to the next chapter.

• Support for annotations and bookmarks in all 4 formats of books.

Revisions will be automatically saved in the library database, and not in the source files of the book, so the “save changes” dialog box will not be displayed when reading smoothly.
– For pdf, you can also choose (with the preference option) to save the annotations in the pdf source file, which makes Clearview a compact editor for pdf;
– Line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, selection, stroke, underline, free text, comments – for PDF annotations;
– Comment / Comment, selection, strike, underline – for annotations EPUB, MOBI, CHM;
– Customizable annotation colors and line widths;
– Export PDF with annotations;
– Export notes in RTF, PDF or print;
– Export / convert epub / mobi / chm book in PDF format;

• Sync annotations, bookmarks, book collections and meta information with iCloud

You can read a book, annotate it on multiple Macs and sync them to iCloud.

IMPORTANT: No support for books protected by DRM! (For example, many books are sold in iTunes or other bookstores)

If you have any questions or requests, write to [email protected]We are sincerely glad to listen, talk and help you.
If you want to try before you buy, please download the trial version from the Canoe Software website.