Clip Studio Paint EX Download with Materials v1.8.6
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Clip Studio Paint EX Download from our software library. This is the world's leading comic and manga creation software that provides powerful art tools for every manga and comic artist. It is intended both for artists who want to improve and refine their illustrations on paper and pens, as well as for artists who want to complete the entire process of creating manga and comics in digital form. Sketching, drawing and coloring your comics and manga has never been so easy.

Features Clip Studio Paint EX Download

Cel animation support (frame animation)
This method, also known as frame-by-frame or traditional animation, makes an object or character move independently. An artist can draw individual cells (frames) that act as transparent sheets that can be layered and create the illusion of movement when a series of cells is reproduced as a continuous sequence.

Animation timeline
The timeline provides detailed control of the time and display settings to create a smooth movement of the animation.

Easy dining function
The backlit table illuminates the pages, making them translucent and simplifying the use of multiple layers for reference, which is ideal for creating intermediate elements (transitions between cells) and clean lines for illustrations and illustrations.

Onion Skinning is a technique used in creating animated cartoons and editing movies to view multiple cells at the same time, allowing an animator or editor to determine how to create or customize an image based on the previous image in a sequence.

Multiple export options
Images and animations can be exported as sequential images, GIF-files and movie formats.

Previously Manga Studio. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX has all the features of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, professional story-writing tools, and other special features that make it an ideal illustration tool for serious comic artists, manga and graphics.

The powerful drawing tool makes CLIP STUDIO PAINT the universal solution for creating manga and comic books. Choose from a variety of predefined colors, create custom color sets, or mix colors in a natural way, as if you were mixing them with your fingers, using color mixing options.

Pens, pencils, brushes and tools
Create original sketches with the mouse or draw in a natural way using the tablet. Draw using a set of familiar tools, including pens, pencils, brushes, and selection tools. Thanks to vector mapping technology and intelligent pen pressure measurement, CLIP STUDIO PAINT gives you an incredible drawing experience on paper.

Save time by easily adding and customizing panels for your pages or creating panels of all shapes and sizes using Bezier curves.

Enhanced Brush Effects
Imitate real working brushes with the help of a new special airbrushing, which allows you to use several effects of airbrushing. Use a tonal brush to create a wider range of visual effects.

Vector tools
Vector Toolkit provides maximum flexibility, speeds up production and allows you to view the axial line of the vectors, allowing you to detect problem areas that need smoothing. In conjunction with vector-based tools, artists can now achieve exactly the lines they need.

New achievements
Accelerate your workflow with amazing improvements, including new layer effects such as screen, overlay and multiply, now even brushes can have their own effects.

Design with attention to detail and save time on tedious projects with tons of ready-made page template options.

Import and export
CLIP STUDIO PAINT imports and exports to common file formats, including multi-level PSD files. Resize without loss of quality.

3D options
Clip Studio Paint EX Download now offers support for 3D-objects and drawings, allows you to use reference and reference materials. Control three-dimensional objects directly on the screen or use preset poses. Drag and drop other 3D objects onto the canvas.

Backward compatibility allows you to import all Manga Studio 4 EX and 4 Debut files, including the .CPG files and history files (.CST) of the .CIP project, into CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX.

Extended text allows you to customize the space between letters and words, mix fonts, smooth, italicize and underline, line spacing and more.

Faster than ever
Support for 64-bit architecture and multi-core processors allows Manga Studio to work faster than ever, thanks to the ability to process high-definition art projects and multiple layers even more smoothly.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT ideal for comics
Adobe Photoshop has become a standard drawing and illustration tool used in many industries, but it will not only cost you more, but in the first place it is a photo editing tool. Photoshop simply doesn’t have tools and features that are perfect for comic illustrations, as in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Multipage Story Layout
Create your entire story using a multi-page layout. This allows manga and comic artists to optimize their creative process and easily access their history files in one convenient area (EX only).

Title: Studio Paint EX Clip free download with materials v1.8.6
Developer: CELSYS, Inc
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

– Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
– 2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent
– Does not work with 64-bit version of XP or Vista
– does not work with Windows RT
– Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit OS
– 2 GB of RAM recommended
– 2 GB of free hard disk space recommended
– Graphics card with VRAM 256 MB or more and OpenGL 1.5 is recommended
– XGA (1024 × 768) or higher, WXGA (1280 × 768) or higher, 16-bit color display or higher
– Pen / Stylus tablets – Wacom tablets (FAVO, Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq). It is also known that it works with Microsoft Surface Pro and other tablets.

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