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Thanks for using Colibri! This update contains a completely new implementation of DSD playback and fixes automatic switching of the sampling rate for most of the previously not working DACs, as well as increasing stability. Enjoy your listening!


– BASS has been updated to 2.4.14

– DSD playback completely rewritten from scratch

– DSD PCM will automatically use the highest supported sample rate.

– Settings -> Exit updated sections DSD and Sample Rate Switching

– The audio core has been further optimized for multi-stream playback.

– improved playback compatibility without pauses with BASSZXTUNE

– additionally reduced memory usage when preloading the next song

– improved device disconnection handling: reconnect the device and press the play button! The default output is used as a fallback if the device is still missing.

Fixed bugs in this update.

– the selected audio output should now be correctly saved upon restart

– The menu bar controller will not update the song information correctly when the track is changed

– the preamplifier will not recover properly when switching profiles

– an empty playlist when added from Finder will not work

– Automatic sampling rate switching will not work properly with USB DACs

– DSD DoP / DoP AA modes will not work

– DSD sampling rate will remain fixed at 88.2 kHz in PCM mode

– Pause will not work during DSD playback.

– Automatic sampling frequency switching will not work properly in Exclusive / Hog mode

– pressing Previous during DSD playback will not work properly

– playing a non-DSD file after the DSD file may cause Colibri to crash

– Playing a non-DSD file after a DSD file with 0 dB turned on will not restore the system volume

– an attempt to play DSD files in DST encoding may cause Colibri to crash (DST encoding is still not supported!)

– Pre-loaded DSD files will not correctly increase the volume when prompted

– When playing DSD with pre-caching, the total song time is always correctly displayed.

– the preloaded channel does not always correctly set the sampling rate of the internal mixer

– When playing DSD, the volume slider sometimes turns off, even if the 0dB option is not enabled

– preliminary caching will not work if the forced sampling rate is enabled

– Pre-cache trigger does not work properly with very high resolution DSD files

– Hummingbirds sometimes crashed when leaving

– SoundFont's SF2 / SFZ MIDI import will crash

– The colibriTheme file association will not register correctly in the Finder

– fixed crash when loading and deleting files

– deleting several files one after another can lead to failure

Special thanks to Henning Gertner, Jan Chen, Sempov, John Macweiku, Hiroki Okudera, Kai-Xiang Chuangu, Min Ho, Lenny Park and Catherine Noell for providing the necessary feedback.


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