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You can download Book Collector 19 from our software library for free. This is a software application that allows users to catalog their book collections. It offers the ability to sort books by various criteria, as well as tracking items that have been lent. You can create multiple databases and add books by performing an automatic search or manually entering information about each book. Obviously, the first option simplifies the whole process of creating a collection of books, since it allows users to search for books by ISBN, author and title or LCCN.

Features of Book Collector 19

Adding books to your database:

  • Cataloging books by author and title
  • ISBN Book Cataloging
  • Cataloging books on LoC classification
  • Batch add in queue mode
  • online books database:
  • Find more covers online
  • Cataloging audiobooks and e-book files

View your book collection:

  • View images / list view / cover
  • Group books into folders
  • Manage your collection and your wish list
  • Statistics: histograms and pie charts
  • Search your book database
  • Book Collector Setup
  • View Details: Patterns and Styles
  • Layout of the main screen
  • Customizable fonts and font size

Export and share a list of books:

  • Export book data to CLZ Books
  • for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Share your online database with
  • Book Collector Connect
  • Print listings
  • Export to HTML pages
  • Export to CSV, XML
  • Network support
  • Select columns of the list

Manage and edit your database:

  • Editing your book entries
  • Editing multiple books at once
  • Credit manager
  • Autocapitalization and automatic header sorting
  • Manage pick lists
  • Setting the default field
  • Field Names / User Defined Fields
  • Sorting / Ordering Your Book List

Cataloging audiobooks and e-book files:

  • Let Book Collector scan your hard drive and automatically add found audiobooks and e-book files. Adding e-books Automatically retrieve metadata from Kindle, MobiPocket and ePub.
  • Support metadata fields: Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, and Publication Date.
  • Then use the “Update Books Automatically” feature to download even more information about the book (for example, a cover image) from the online database of
  • Or link the found audiobooks and e-books with existing entries in the database of your books.
  • Use the "Open" button in the detailed view or the "Open" button on the toolbar to open an audiobook or e-book file.
Title: Book Collector Pro v19.2.1
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

Download Book Collector 19 from Book Collector 19.2.1 | File size: 32 MB
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