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Cookie 5 was rewritten from scratch to support El Capitan. Cookie 5 has everything you liked about Cookie v4, as well as some powerful new features. We deleted all the old code, so Cookie 5 now only supports OS X 10.11+. For OS X 10.6 – OS X 10.10, please find the Cookie App in the Mac App Store.

New in Cookie 5:
-New combined cookie viewer displays all cookie / flash / localStorage / Silverlight data in one tab to control the viewer.
-Individual cookie favorites. Cookie management is now configured for individual cookies.
-Individual flash favorites. Flash Cookies can now be added separately.
-Individual browser settings. You can now configure various removal options for each browser.
Better and more intuitive database management / Flash and Silverlight cookies.
-More specific removal options on the Settings tab and menu.
-New modernized user interface designed for El Capitan.
-Full screen support.
– Busy in the box for your safety.

Changed in Cookie 5
-New settings window. We moved the settings from the main interface to their own window (where they should be!)
-New favorites / tracking export format definitions. Cookie 5 now uses the standardized JSON format for exporting / importing settings.
Remove blacklist. With the addition of individual favorites cookies, the blacklist no longer makes sense, so we got rid of it.

Planned features
ICloud support for synchronization of cookie favorites / tracking definitions.
-Notification Center support visual feedback automatic deletions
-More language support. Currently, Cookie 5 is only in English, Portuguese and Dutch, but we will translate it into your language as soon as possible. Visit our support link to request Cookie 5 in your language.

A cookie is the ONLY cookie manager that gives you complete control over your privacy.

Cookies do not allow third parties to capture your browsing experience.

Sites that you visit, store cookies in your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and aggressive. Cookies can help.

More privacy, better viewing
* Automatic privacy control. Set a timer, delete it when you exit the browser, and it is entirely up to you when you delete your personal viewing data.

* Improved for security. Safely delete all unwanted data and be calm knowing that external threats cannot recover your personal data.

* Avoid invasive marketing. Tired of targeted advertising that mysteriously knows which products you bought online? Destroy them with cookies.

* Freedom from Flash and Silverlight. Cookies are great for deleting Flash and Silverlight cookies, especially large and persistent cookie types.

* Impressive results, with minimal effort. Combining all cookie controls in a simple interface, Cookies make maintaining your privacy while browsing easier.