Many weapons, and graphics can even be 4/5 especially, considering this is all on the cellphone. By the way, optimization is good. But more minus. There are no games with bots off, even though there are still bots here. Yes, yes))) But you will understand it by their nickname. Well, if you don't have Wi-Fi or other internet access, then you can play war on your yard, or you can choose dog poop or put your head on a street light pole, butt with a cow, etc.
Management at 2/5 In short, getting used to this is not easy. It is impossible to enter a particular card, everything will be done automatically. There is no normal escape from the game, but there is still no blood type. Yes, this is of course sadness … But the most important thing is that there are often people who are far from the lowest level of LVL – compared to you, therefore they are knocked out of their way and into their heads. There is still a stupid pumping system, from which it is developed that it is impossible to refuse, after all, this is a contribution. Well, just like here without an emulator … One of them, for example, even on Google Play, unsubscribes – how he is a brave warrior. Therefore, here you have another reason not to be surprised at the fact that they cut here "professionally" and quickly, as if they had spent their entire lives serving as special forces. Beating here is still vibro, because when you cut it down, vibro works, and in your settings it doesn't turn it off. There is a delay on the server, for example, when the time at one level has stopped. He fought there for about an hour, after that, I thought, my level had to rise somehow, but this didn't happen. At the same time, game currency is also not added. In short, there are so many shoals here … I would not advise you.